Homework is required in the learning process, but assignments bring a lot of trouble to students if they are not clever or hard-working enough. All students want to get rid of their homework as quickly as possible and do what they like in their free time. Often, due to difficulties, schoolchildren decide not to do their homework at all, due to which their academic performance decreases. Deterioration of the results of education is highly undesirable, therefore, it is necessary to find other ways to simplify the process of solving homework problems. Mathematics is one of the subjects that can be particularly problematic.

Two ways to do it

There are at least two ways to do math homework faster. The first amounts to finding ready-made homework on the internet, but it is very risky because it is fairly simple to tell if a text is downloaded or not. The second solution involves the use of math help services. The main benefit of such services is that they offer newly written solutions that do not register as plagiarized.

Step by step

There is a very simple algorithm for solving homework problems in mathematics, which can be understood as a step by step guide:

  • Organize your workplace, so that everything you need is at hand (textbook, pens, notebooks, calculator, etc.).
  • Eliminate distractions (anything that can stop you from concentrating: music, television programs, and others).
  • Read the assignment carefully and try to understand it.
  • Start solving a problem. If something is not clear, you can check with the theory in the textbook. It is very important to solve problems gradually, despite how many of them you have.
  • Take your time, focus and find the right approach to solving the problem. If you are in a hurry, you can make mistakes, due to which you end up spending even more time on resolving the problem.
  • Proofread your completed homework yourself.

This step by step guide is equally useful if you are a student or work at a math help service.


The final step in our guide is proofreading. This means you should check your work by yourself. The main tasks of proofreading are:

  • identifying any normal mistakes such as wrong solutions;
  • identifying all kinds of typos such as wrong plus or minus signs;
  • note the more subtle errors, including those that do not affect the final result.

At this stage, you need a fresh perspective on your work. Only then you will be able to detect mistakes of your own making. It would be good to get some rest or even sleep in order to achieve that fresh perspective, but doing something else for a time fits, too: you should have your solutions erased from your short-term memory so you could perceive them as someone else’s.

You might think that the hint to rest or sleep is counter-productive, given that most freelance workers work to strict deadlines. However, this is not an insurmountable problem, and you can plan your time ahead to allow for such a rest. Avoiding procrastination before beginning work helps, too.

Also, avoiding procrastination will help you greatly if you find out that some of your solutions to the problems were wrong and you have to re-do them. This will give you time to complete your work in the correct way.