About us

I have been trying to start for a long time and somehow it does not work out.
Therefore, I will write, as it is, the whole truth uterus in a few facts about me:

1 I am an inexperienced superhero mom (without nannies and grandmothers at my side), the wife of a redheaded, stubborn, but very tough supermanEverythingA curtainEh.
I am just learning to be theperfectmom / wife for my menBy trial, error, sometimes easy victories.
Here I share only my experience, discoveries, desires, thoughtsTherefore, I do not pretend to the title: “family, child psychologist of the yearand even more somom is Gods level.”

2 For many years in a row I considered myself a wizard from Liverpool, my magic knew no boundsWhat can I say, I still open the doors of supermarkets with the help of hand magic.

3 I have five years of excellent study at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, among a huge number of mixed men and single instances of girlsYes, thanks to my higher education, I am a mathematician with a diplomaWhat infinitely proud.

4 I like to write, veryAnd lately I try to do it often, with inspiration, frankly and with soulDo not think anything badI know that I have room to grow, better just stay with me here, subscribe, comment and share your thoughts.