Are Bettie Jo and Josh still together?

Are Bettie Jo and Josh still together?

Bettie Jo and Josh Elmore are still a couple and have a son together. Anyone who follows Bettie Jo Elmore on social media knows that she and her husband had some great news shortly after her episode aired.

What happened to Bettie Jo on My 600-lb Life?

The star revealed in an episode of My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? that she suffered a major health complication during her pregnancy. Bettie explained: After doing a CT scan, they noticed a large mass on my spine. Because I’m pregnant, the bigger the baby gets, the more he presses on the bone mass on my spine.

Is my 600 pound life scripted?

Is My 600-lb Life real? Although there a skeptics, My 600-lb Life is as real as reality TV gets. According to past participants, filming is hard work.

What happened to Tiffany from my 600 pound life?

Aside from eating, it’s my favorite thing to do,” she said in a clip ahead of tonight’s episode. After Tiffany finished her studies, she decided to go into the service industry and landed a job at a banquet. This was her dream come true until she was too big to get around the kitchen and was fired.

Is Krystal on 600 pound life a man?

On the latest episode of My 600-Lb Life, viewers of the TLC reality series were introduced to Krystal Hall, a 34-year-old woman from Frankfort, Ohio, who hoped to be approved for weight loss surgery so she could care for her family in the way they deserved.

Who pays for the apartments on My 600-lb Life?

As reported by TVOvermind, the individuals who take part in the show sign a contract which details that they’re paid a flat rate of $1500 to take part. This payment most likely covers some of the casts’ bills. The same report states that the cast members can get a “$2500 payout for any moving expenses”.

Who pays for the patients on my 600 pound life?

According to one Quora user, TLC pays for it. “I’m guessing whatever expenses are not covered by the patient’s insurance is taken care of by the show,” one person wrote. “In exchange for this, they get to film intimate moments of the patient’s life.” Another, however, had a different theory.

Is Tiffany still with Aaron?

Aside from her remarkable health transformation, Barker has seen a lot of other changes in her life since appearing on My 600-Lb Life. She’s posted some personal updates on Instagram, letting fans know she moved back to Washington and is no longer with her boyfriend Aaron, who viewers also met on her episode.

How much does Tiffany Barker weight now?

Struggles to Continue Without a Place to Live. Tiffany Barker had made significant progress in her weight loss goals. After hitting 672 lbs., she moved to Houston to lose weight and was able to get gastric bypass surgery. She’s now down 264 lbs.

Did Krystal get surgery?

Unfortunately, Krystal’s journey was derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. With stay-at-home orders in place, she could not return to Houston for the surgery. Seven months passed before Krystal was able to head back to Texas. Not surprisingly, the delay had a negative impact on her progress.

Where is Krystal now?

Both Krystal and Freelin are still happily married and living in Ohio, so whether she got the surgery or not, she doesn’t live in Texas now. She is currently working as a cab driver as well as a DSP at Scioto Trails Group Homes, so she seems to be keeping busy!