Are DAILIES TOTAL1 worth it?

Are DAILIES TOTAL1 worth it?

Dailies Total 1 Provide Outstanding Comfort from Beginning to the End of the Day. Dailies Total 1® water gradient contact lenses achieved ratings of 9.6 out of a possible 10 (1=poor and 10=excellent) for comfort during the day in a 4 week clinical study.

How long can you wear DAILIES TOTAL1?

Dailies Total 1 is a daily disposable contact lens that can be worn for up to 16 hours due to its high oxygen permeability. You may wear each lens once before throwing away.

Can you reuse DAILIES TOTAL1?

No. DAILIES® contact lenses are made to be worn only once.

What type of contacts are DAILIES TOTAL1?

DAILIES TOTAL1® CONTACT LENSES It is the first and only daily disposable contact lens to offer water gradient technology so all that touches your eye is a cushion of moisture. It is the first and only daily disposable contact lens to offer water gradient technology so all that touches your eye is a cushion of moisture.

Are DAILIES TOTAL1 UV blocking?

One of the advantages of ACUVUE OASYS® Brand Contact Lenses 1-Day with HydraLuxe™ Technology over Alcon’s Dailies Total 1® is that they maintain Class 1 UV Blocking (Blocks >90% UVA and >99% UVB) and offer an option for astigmatism.

Are DAILIES TOTAL1 aspheric?

The Dailies Total 1 Multifocal incorporates the exact same optical design as the company’s other multifocal offerings. It is a center-near aspheric lens with low, medium, and high add power options.

Can I reuse my daily contacts after a nap?

Don’t Reuse Your Contacts Daily disposable contacts are designed to be thrown away after every single use, and people who reuse them risk painful and risky outcomes. Dailies are thinner, more fragile, and don’t hold moisture as well as other contacts.

What happens if I wear daily contacts for 2 days?

Daily lenses should never be worn overnight. You’re risking your sight by sleeping in a lens that’s not approved for overnight use, as it can lead to ocular irritation, swelling and corneal ulcers.


DAILIES TOTAL1 for Astigmatism is the first and only daily disposable toric lens to feature Water Gradient surface material. This lens material features a gradual increase in water content approaching 100% water at the surface, so all that touches the eye is a cushion of moisture.

What is the release date of dailies total1?

DAILIES TOTAL1 – Spec Sheet DAILIES TOTAL1 DAILIES TOTAL1 Product Image Price Comparison Compare Prices Manufacturer Alcon Inc. Release Date 2013

What are dailies total1 ® multifocal lenses?

DAILIES TOTAL1 ® Multifocal contact lenses are the world’s only water gradient lenses that provide a cushion of moisture so it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Specifically designed to help you focus on things up-close for presbyopia , a condition that usually happens around age 40 as the lens of the eye stiffens.

What is dailies total1 for astigmatism?

*Based on in vitro measurement of unworn lenses. *Based on lens movement, centration and rotation at initial fitting DAILIES TOTAL1® for Astigmatism is the lens for your patients who seek ultimate comfort and stability