Are flights operating from Maldives to India?

Are flights operating from Maldives to India?

There are no direct flights from Maldives to India. Popular non-direct routes for this connection are Male Airport – Thiruvananthapuram Airport, Male Airport – New Delhi Indira Gandhi Intl Airport and Male Airport – Kochi Airport.

How can I go to Maldives from Mumbai?

There is no sea route for Maldives from Mumbai. So, the flights are the most convenient way to reach Maldives from Mumbai. From Ibrahim Nasir Airport, one can take ferry to reach Maldives as it is around 2 kilometres away from the airport and a ferry takes only five minutes to cover this distance.

How long is the flight from Mumbai to Maldives?

Non-stop flight time from India (BOM) to Maldives (MLE) by different airlines

Journey Duration Airline
BOM ➝ MLE 2 hours 55 minutes IndiGo Airlines

Which flights are operating from Maldives?


EMIRATES B777 26.10.15-21.03.16
ETIHAD AIRWAYS A320,321,330 26.10.15-21.03.16
MEGA MALDIVES B757 07.12.15-04.01.16
MEGA MALDIVES B737 11.01.16-21.03.16

Is Maldives open for Indian tourists?

All arriving and departing passengers via airports and seaports are required to complete the Traveler Declaration form within 72 hours to the flight time. PCR result is not mandatory during arrival and departure. This applies to unvaccinated travelers as well. Travel-related quarantine is not required by any traveler.

Are international flights suspended in India?

Regular international flights will remain suspended till further orders, aviation regulator DGCA said today. International flights have been suspended in India since March 23, 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

How many hours is Maldives from India?

The average flight time between India and Malé (Maldives’s capital), is 4 hours and 2 minutes.

How can I go to Maldives from India?

The best way to travel is by air for those looking up how to go to Maldives. Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi, etc are the main airports to board an India to Maldives flight. Depending on lay-over time, it takes approximately 7 to 11 hours to reach Male Airport from Indian cities.

What is capital of Maldives?

MaléMaldives / Capital

Do I need Covid test to enter Maldives?

Entry and Exit Requirements According to Maldives Health Protection Agency, effective July 26, 2021, all tourists are required to hold a valid negative PCR test result from a sample taken 96 hours or less prior to embarkation in Maldives. This requirement is not mandatory for children below the age of one.

Is Covid test mandatory for Maldives?

Effective from March 13th, 2022, PCR is not mandatory to enter the Maldives.