Are Medela breast shields interchangeable?

Are Medela breast shields interchangeable?

The PersonalFit breast shields are designed for an individual and personalised fit. The interchangeable breast shields are available in five different sizes and made from BPA-free materials. PersonalFit are compatible with all Medela pump sets.

What size pump shield do I need?

If your nipple measures 16 mm in diameter, your recommended breast shield size is 21 mm. This is because the 21 mm shield fits nipples up to 17 mm in diameter. If your nipple diameter measures 24 mm, your recommended size would be 30 mm.

Are breast shields universal?

A high-quality shield also maximizes your milk production and helps you avoid clogged ducts. That’s why it’s important to find a breast shield that fits you well. You might even find that each breast needs a different shield size.

How do I know if my pump shield fits?

The proper fit The flange fits comfortably around your breast. Only your nipple and a small part or none of your areola enters the tunnel when pumping. Your nipple moves freely when pumping without rubbing against the side of the tunnel. After pumping, your breasts feel soft and emptied.

What is the smallest size breast shield?

Breastshield x1 (19 mm ID, smaller than Medela’s smallest PersonalFit 21 mm breastshield), Valve x 1, Membrane x 1; Compatible with all Medela pumps except FreeStyle, Maxi and Harmony. US FDA registered medical device (No.

What size Shield comes with Medela pump?

24 mm
The 24 mm breast shield is the standard shield that comes with Medela breast pumps. However, nipple size can vary and some women benefit from a size other than the 24 mm.

What size breast shield comes with Medela pump in Style?

24 mm breast

Can nipples be too small to pump?

Pump fit affects both nipple comfort and milk flow. When a nipple tunnel is too small, it can lead to pain, skin trauma, and reduced milk flow, because it compresses the nipple during pumping. In pump-dependent families, this can put milk production at risk.

How do I know if my breast shield is too big?

If you have excess areola (the soft tissue around your nipple) in the tunnel, your breast shield is probably too big. If your breast shield is too big this can cause poor transfer of milk.