Are Midland 2 Way radios any good?

Are Midland 2 Way radios any good?

We worked with Motorola GMRS Radios before, but the battery life died just before 1 year of intense use. These Midland Radios gave us excellent result: great size, excellent range, durable, good quality, easy of use, good volume, easy to operate, great battery life, and have a good price.

What is the range for a Midland walkie talkie?

Up to 36 Mile Range.

Which Midland walkie talkie is best?

Best overall: Midland – GXT1000VP4 In addition to its strong performance, this model has useful features that can come in handy. The battery options alone are enough to set this model apart from the rest.

How many watts is the Midland GXT 1000?

5 watts
This is a great FRS/GMRS radio. All FRS and GMRS channels. 5 watts of power.

Who makes Midland walkie talkies?

Midland Radio Corporation
Midland Radio Corporation and is owned by private investors. Midland is the oldest U.S. manufacturer of CB radios. In the 1990s, CTE International acquired a significant share of Midland Radio Corporation.

What is the longest range 2 way radio?

1. Motorola T470 2-Way Radios. The T470 is a powerful option from Motorola; it boasts an up to a 35-mile range, and it has 22 channels and 121 privacy codes to more easily stay in touch with your party.

What is the max wattage for a GMRS radio?

Starting in 2017, the FCC separated FRS and GMRS. They now allow a maximum of 2 watts on FRS radios, 5 watts on handheld GMRS radios, and 50 watts on non-handheld GMRS radios. The FCC also allows the use of repeaters for GMRS channels, just like they currently do for VHF channels.

Do I need a license for Midland gxt1000vp4?

Since September 2017, a unit like that is reclassified as an FRS unit and you do not need a license. This one, Midland tells you you definitely need a license, so you can surmise that it is one of the newer 5W radios.

What is Midland gxt1000vp4?

Midland GXT1000 is a masterpiece from Midland Radio Corporation as it provides amazing range and great power backup. The GXT1000VP4 2-Way Compact Communication Radio (Pair) is packed with many features.

How good is the Midland gtx1000 battery?

The most noticeable improvement of the Midland GTX1000 is that the battery charge held up to a full 3-bars even at the end of the day with heavy use. The Midland battery is definitely more substantial than other smaller/lighter talkies.

Is the Midland GXT a good outdoor radio?

Although the Midland GXT is a good outdoor radio, they sometimes have trouble connecting to each other. We use 8 of them in our business and some of the guys do not here loading directions from the office and our customers have longer wait times.

What is the range of the gxt1000vp4?

Realistically speaking, users can expect about two-three miles of range. The GXT1000VP4 has a total of 50 channels, of which 22 are actual frequencies, and 28 channels are pre-programmed with CTCSS/DCS codes for a little extra privacy. Seven of the channels are FRS, eight are GMRS and seven are shared FRS/GMRS channels.