Are Shepherd scopes still made?

Are Shepherd scopes still made?

Shepherd Scopes has 12 new products launching at this years Shot Show 2017. Shepherd Scopes ( has opened its new manufacturing center for optics in Largo Florida and is now a part of Salvo Technologies,

What is a German reticle?

The reticle – German #4 is very similar to the “duplex” reticle widely spread in newer aged sights, but without a bold line at the top of the field of view. Due to the different thicknesses of the outer lines and the inner crosshairs, this grid is perfect for snapshot shooting and thoughtful precision targeting.

What is dual reticle?

Description. The Shepherd DRS (Dual Reticle System) Scope is the only scope with two independently adjusting reticles which provide visual verification that the proper windage and elevation adjustments have been made.

What is better for hunting first or second focal plane?

There is no “better” between the two focal planes. Higher magnification ranges are better in a first focal plane scope. Lower magnification is fine for second focal plane scopes. If you’re into precision shooting, especially in matches, and you don’t mind the cost: a first focal plane riflescope is great to have.

What did Dan Shepherd see in his scope?

In 1979 while in a sound sleep, Dan Shepherd dreamt he was hunting deer. He looked into his scope to check its’ zero and saw that there was a bright light dead center of the scope and another star like light at about ten o’clock high.

When did the Shepherd dual reticle scope come out?

When he awoke the next day he could not get that dream out of his head and by 1983 the Shepherd Dual Reticle Scope, was on the market. The scope was developed by taking the best features of the German system and combining them with those of the American system.

What can you use a gun scope for?

It can be used on various shotguns and can also be used with different shotgun and hunting rifle cartridges. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

How good is the riflescope scope?

The scope features 17.7-inches of true handgun/scout rifle eye relief. This means that those with 20/20 vision or any shooter who wears eye-glasses or shooting glasses will appreciate its shooting flexibility. For what is offered at the very keen price, this is an optic that will suit those on a budget or occasional users. Very keen price.