Are Skoda Octavia estates reliable?

Are Skoda Octavia estates reliable?

Skoda Octavia Estate reliability The Skoda Octavia was rated highly for reliability in our 2019 Driver Power owner satisfaction survey of cars currently on sale in the UK. Of the owners who responded, 12.4% reported experiencing a problem with their car at least once, with transmission issues the most likely.

Are Skoda estates reliable?

Reliability Survey, petrol versions of the Octavia finished in eighth place out of 24 cars in the family car class, while diesel models proved to be a bit more troublesome down in 16th. Skoda came 12th out of 30 manufacturers featured in the survey, meanwhile, which is a respectable result.

How many Litres is a Skoda Octavia estate?

The estate has 610 litres of space with the rear seats in place and a gargantuan 1,740 litres with the bench folded, so the Octavia is big enough to embarrass cars from the class above such as the BMW 3 Series Touring and Audi A4 Avant.

Is Skoda Octavia a safe car?

The Skoda Octavia has an enviable reputation for reliability, and a five-star Euro NCAP rating.

How big is the boot on an Octavia estate?

610 litres
The Octavia hatch has a huge 590-litre boot that expands to 1,580 litres with the rear seats folded flat. The estate can handle 610 litres with the seats still in place, but really comes into its own with the 60:40 split rear bench folded flat – suddenly you’re in the removals business, with a remarkable 1,740-litres.

Is the Skoda Octavia Estate any good?

Is the Skoda Octavia Estate any good? The Skoda Octavia Estate is a firm favourite in the Parkers office, which explains why it often tops our favourite estate and family cars lists.

Which Skoda Octavia has a 4×4 engine?

Again, that last engine is only available at the top of the range in the vRS and the Scout. All engines can be had with Skoda’s sharp-shifting DSG auto gearbox, while 4×4 is standard on the Octavia Scout, and can be added to the 2.0 TDI 150 SE L and Laurin and Klement or the vRS diesel.

How many turbocharged petrol engines are there in the Octavia Estate?

The Octavia Estate has four turbocharged petrol engines to choose from, and the 2017 update saw them revised for the first time. At the entry point of the range is the 113bhp 1.0 TSI 115 three-cylinder unit.

How much value does a Ford Octavia hold up to?

Our experts reckon you can expect to retain up to 45 per cent of an Octavia’s value after three years, whereas a rival from Ford or Vauxhall would likely dip below 40 per cent. The 1.0 TSI petrol is likely to perform less well than the frugal diesels in percentage terms, but it’s a couple of grand cheaper up front.