Can bots comment on Facebook?

Can bots comment on Facebook?

It’s simply a bot that automatically replies to users who comments on your Facebook posts. It can replies directly to the user’s comment and it can also send a private message to the user.

Why does Facebook keep saying my comments are spam?

We hide a comment on a post and mark it as spam if: We think it looks suspicious. It’s been shared too often in a short amount of time. If someone’s comment on your post was marked as spam, you can decide to delete it or approve it.

How do I stop spam comments on Facebook?

How to block posts or filter comments containing specific words or phrases

  1. Click the ‘Settings’ icon on your Facebook Page.
  2. With the ‘General’ tab on the left selected, Click ‘Edit’ next to Page Moderation on the right.
  3. Add words to block, separated by commas.
  4. Click ‘Save Changes’

How do I find spam comments on Facebook?

Scroll to the administrative panel at the top of your Facebook page and click “edit page.” Scroll down and select “use activity log.” Click on the button located on the far right of your screen that reads “all” and then select “spam” from the drop down box.

How do I stop bots on Facebook?

You can send a “Stop” or “Unsubscribe” message to the bot to stop receiving updates. If this does not work, you will receive a notification saying that the updates will be stopped. To block the bot, open your conversation screen.

Can Facebook block you from commenting?

We may block people from doing something on Facebook when: Something you posted or shared seems suspicious or abusive to our security systems. Messages or friend requests you sent were marked unwelcome. You’ve done something that doesn’t follow our Community Standards.

How do I stop spam comments?


  1. Reduce the number of links allowed per post.
  2. Create a list of ‘blacklisted’ words.
  3. Set up a comment moderation system.
  4. Restrict comment privileges to registered users.
  5. Use an anti-spam plugin, such as Akismet.
  6. Move to a third-party comments plugin.

What are spam comments?

Comment spam is a term referencing a broad category of spambot or spammer postings which abuse web-based forms to post unsolicited advertisements as comments on forums, blogs, wikis and online guestbooks.

What is the meaning of comment bot?

The traditional Instagram comment bot is a computer program that automatically posts comments on Instagram posts.