Can I pay my Indiana state taxes online?

Can I pay my Indiana state taxes online?

Paying Your Tax Bill Pay online quickly and easily using your checking or savings account (bank/ACH – no fees) or your debit/credit card (fees apply) through INTIME, DOR’s e-services portal. You do not need to create an INTIME logon to make a payment.

What websites pay Indiana state taxes?

INTIME. INTIME provides access to manage and pay individual income, and various corporate and business tax obligations. For more information, visit INTIME. Ready to access the Indiana Taxpayer Information Management Engine (INTIME)?

How do I pay Indiana state sales tax?

You will pay Indiana sales and use tax by: For Those in State – You can file your Indiana States sales tax collected with Form ST-103 or do it online through the INTax website. When doing this you will need to have all of the information related to the taxes collected from your customers in that time period.

Can I pay Indiana taxes over the phone?

You can make your payments by phone by calling 317-232-2240. You can pay online by visiting

Can I pay my Indiana state taxes through Turbotax?

In the FILE tab step 2 where you choose how to pay the fed & state balance dues these are the screens you see for paying an IN balance due the instructions are quite clear nothing is paid thru the TT system you had to use the link to go to the IN website to set up the debit.

How do I find out if I owe Indiana state taxes?


  1. About State Information Center.
  2. Call: 800-457-8283.

What is the penalty for paying Indiana state taxes late?

Tax Penalties Failure to pay tax – 10% of the unpaid tax liability or $5, whichever is greater. This penalty is also imposed on payments which are required to be remitted electronically, but are not. Failure to file a tax return; preparation by Department – 20% penalty.

How do I pay taxes I owe?

If you owe taxes, the IRS offers several options where you can pay immediately or arrange to pay in installments:

  1. Electronic Funds Withdrawal. Pay using your bank account when you e-file your return.
  2. Direct Pay.
  3. Credit or debit cards.
  4. Pay with cash.
  5. Installment agreement.

How do I pay my Indiana State Tax Online?

copy of your bill

  • Social Security number
  • tax liability number or warrant number
  • How to pay Indiana estimated taxes online?

    Access INTIME at

  • Select the “Make a Payment” link under the “Payments” tile.
  • Follow the links to select “Payment type,” enter your information and make your payment.
  • How to file Indiana State Tax Online?

    Gasoline Use Tax – GUT

  • Alcohol – ALC
  • Motor Fuel – MFT
  • Special Fuel – SFT
  • Transporter Tax – TRP
  • Other Tobacco Products – OTP
  • Vehicle Sharing Excise Tax – VSE
  • Aviation Fuel – AVF
  • For all other tax type registrations please visit our new platform INTIME
  • How do you pay your state taxes online?

    – Median household income: $56,951 – Single filing total income taxes paid: $9,654 – Married filing jointly total income taxes paid: $7,672