Can I see where my OnTrac package is?

Can I see where my OnTrac package is?

To track your package, you need a tracking number. Please contact OnTrac’s customer service department at 800.334. 5000 or the merchant/shipper to obtain your tracking number.

What company uses OnTrac?

Amazon started utilizing OnTrac to deliver its packages back in 2009. This was shortly after the time when the company had changed its name from California Overnight and rebranded itself as more than a local and LTL (Less Than Load) delivery service.

What carrier does OnTrac ship with?

OnTrac delivers through USPS as part of its DirectPost program. In this program, OnTrac receives shipments, then injects them into the postal service’s mail stream.

How long does OnTrac take to deliver once out for delivery?

Ground Shipping Just Got Faster OnTrac Ground is the faster, more affordable alternative for regional parcel delivery in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado and Idaho! Shipments that may take two days to deliver with National Carriers arrive next-day with OnTrac Ground.

What time does OnTrac usually deliver?

Sunrise Service has a time-definite guarantee, and OnTrac Ground has a day-definite guarantee. Our mid-day service. Most Sunrise service shipments arrive before noon on Weekdays and 2 pm on Saturday. Shipments to outlying areas arrive later in the day.

How is OnTrac still in business?

How is OnTrac Still in Business? As earlier highlighted, OnTrac is still in business because of the diverse techniques to optimize the delivery process. Some of these include: Efficiency and speed. To be clear, we’re not implying that other firms are slow or inefficient in any way.

What is the SCAC for OnTrac?

For convenience,recipients may pay with company,personal,certified or cashier’s checks and money orders made payable to the shipper.

  • Checks not made payable directly to the shipper will be returned to the recipient for reissue.
  • Cash will not be accepted as payment of the C.O.D.
  • If the recipient is not available,or refuses to pay the C.O.D.
  • Is OnTrac good?

    Ontrac is a good place to work management is easy to talk to and very helpful training trains you to be successful and help customers efficiently offers of advancement are available for everyone