Can I use Google Analytics on Firefox?

Can I use Google Analytics on Firefox?

Representatives from Mozilla, parent company of Firefox, have explained why the browser is now blocking Google Analytics by default. An updated version of the Firefox browser was released this week which blocks all trackers including Google Analytics.

Is there a Google Analytics plugin for WordPress?

The best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress is MonsterInsights and Google Analytics Dashboard for WP. In WordPress, you can integrate Google Analytics with your site through plugins. Then you can view all of your site’s most valuable insights without having to leave your WordPress administrative dashboard.

How do I add Google Analytics to a WordPress plugin?

To enable Google Analytics tracking on your site, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the “Plugin Settings” panel.
  2. Enter your GA Tracking ID.
  3. Choose either Universal Analytics or Global Site Tag*
  4. Configure any other plugin settings as desired (optional)

Does Firefox block Analytics?

When tracking protection is enabled, Firefox blocks content from sites in the list. Sites that track users are most commonly third-party advertising and analytics sites.

Which browsers block Google Analytics?

Several browsers, including Firefox, Brave and Safari, interfere with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager tracking. Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager calls are blocked by many adblockers too. This makes site owners wonder whether Google Analytics is still useful and whether its stats are accurate.

How do I add Google Analytics to WordPress without plugins?

How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress Without a Plugin

  1. Step #1: Create a Google Account.
  2. Step #2: Log in to Google Analytics.
  3. Step #3: Get Your Google Analytics Tracking ID.
  4. Step #4: Copy Your Tracking Code.
  5. Step #5: Log in to WordPress and Add the Code.
  6. Step #6: Test Your Connection To GA While Waiting.

How do I link Google Analytics to my WordPress website?

Log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance » Theme Editor. Now click the Theme Header (header. php) file on the right-hand side below the Theme Files section. Paste the tracking code you just copied from your Analytics profile before the closing tag.

What is the best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress?

Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins

  1. MonsterInsights. MonsterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.
  2. ExactMetrics.
  3. Analytify.
  4. Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin.
  5. Google Analytics by 10Web.
  6. GA Google Analytics.
  7. WP Statistics.
  8. WP Google Analytics Events.

What is Firefox telemetry?

Telemetry is a feature that allows data collection. This is being used to collect performance metrics and other information about how Firefox performs in the wild, e.g. update events or session lengths.

What percentage of browsers block Google Analytics?

68% of laptop and desktop users block Google Analytics This makes sense especially considering how difficult it is to install an adblocker on Chrome, the most popular browser on mobile devices.

Is there a free Google Analytics plugin for WordPress?

This Google Analytics plugin for WordPress is free and lets you quickly install Google Analytics to your WordPress site. You can get real-time analytics stats and reports all in your dashboard. The Google Analytics tracking code is fully customizable allowing you to allow advanced data tracking.

How to integrate Google Analytics in WordPress dashboard?

Analytify offers both, a free and a paid version with advanced features. In order to integrate Google Analytics in the WP dashboard, go to Plugins in your WordPress dashboard, and search for Analytify or Google Analytics. If it is easier for you then can you download the plugin and upload it in the WordPress directory manually.

How do I view analytics on my WordPress website?

Now you can easily view your website data in the WordPress dashboard. Analytify brings limited statistics in the free version, as shown below. You can upgrade to the pro version, by either from your WordPress dashboard or check out the pricing page. Does Google Analytics work with WordPress? Yes, Google Analytics is compatible with WordPress.

What is the WP Google Analytics events plugin?

Although it hasn’t been updated in quite some time, the WP Google Analytics Events plugin is a Google Analytics tool to check out if you just want to track certain events on your site without writing any code. Google Analytics Events lets you easily understand what your visitors do on your website.