Can RGU students use Sir Duncan Rice Library?

Can RGU students use Sir Duncan Rice Library?

Individuals, other than registered staff and students of the University of Aberdeen, have free access to the Library for personal reference and research. If you wish to use The Sir Duncan Rice Library or Taylor Library you must provide proof of identity, including address, before an access pass is issued.

Is Aberdeen University Library open to public?

Are the libraries open? All of our libraries are open. The Sir Duncan Rice Library is open Monday-Friday, 08:00-22:00, Saturday, 09.00-22.00 & Sunday, 11:00-22:00.

What is Primo Aberdeen Uni?

Primo contains records for both print and online materials across our modern and special collections. Accessing Primo. Navigate to: Members of the University: click on Sign in in the top right-hand corner. Use your University of Aberdeen.

What is toolkit Aberdeen Uni?

The Toolkit was created to help students and staff at the University of Aberdeen learn new digital skills, understand how to use University software, discover useful apps and explore University services. Your digital companion includes walkthroughs, tutorials, course overviews, introductions, software and much more!

Can anyone use Rgu library?

The University Library is open to all students and staff, including those studying remotely from the campus. You have full access to the Library, online resources and borrowing facilities throughout your time studying. Some Library services are also available for external members of the local and wider community.

How many libraries does Aberdeen Uni have?

three libraries
Our Libraries Library resources and help can be found at our three libraries: The Sir Duncan Rice Library. Medical Library. Taylor Library.

How many libraries are in Aberdeen University?

What is the UoA Student Guide?

The UoA Student Guide app has everything you need to know as UoA student. It is packed with information, resources, checklists, events and activities you can take part in throughout the year.

What is Primo Ex Libris?

Primo is Ex Libris’ patron-facing discovery service, providing centralized and personalized access to all resources in your fulfillment network: your institution and any partner institutions.

What is a toolkit?

A toolkit is a collection of authoritative and adaptable resources for front-line staff that enables them to learn about an issue and identify approaches for addressing them. Toolkits can help translate theory into practice, and typically target one issue or one audience.

Is Rgu library open to public?

How do I access Rgu library?

To access our electronic materials, subscriptions and databases, you will usually need to log in using your RGU username and password. These details are the same ones that you use to log in to all other RGU services, such as email, CampusMoodle, RGyoU, etc.