Can subway tile be used in a shower?

Can subway tile be used in a shower?

Subway tile is a popular choice for showers as well, and traditional white subway tile showers are a particular favorite for those who want to create a Victorian-inspired design.

What size tile should I use in a small shower?

Recommended Tiles Size Chart For a Small Bathroom

Area Recommended Tile Size
Bathroom Floor 1 x 1-inch to 12 x 12-inches
Bathroom Wall 4 x 4-inches to 12 x 24-inches
Shower Floor 1 x 1-inch
Shower Wall 1 x 1-inch to 4 x 4-inches

Is white subway tile shower hard to keep clean?

White subway tile, like nearly any subway tile, is particularly easy to keep clean with much less maintenance and elbow grease than you might expect. With ceramic tile being stain resistant, paired with the fact that glaze is non-absorbent, you have a one-two combo for keeping things sparkling clean – and white.

What size subway tile should I use in a small bathroom?

However, from a visual standpoint, 4 x 4-inch tiles are generally recommended for smaller bathrooms. These give the illusion of more space while providing enough seams to provide adequate friction for your feet.

What is the best subway tile?

“Our favorite source for subway tile is Heath Ceramics. Depending on your selection, their Classic Field tile has different degrees of color variation, but it is in these color variations that a sense of depth, warmth and visual interest is found. Just make sure you have an installer that understands the concept of color modulation.”

Where to buy subway tile?

[email protected]. (888) 870-9591. Subway Glass Tile. All Glass Subway Tile Large Glass Subway Tile Beveled Glass Subway Tile Glass Pencil Liners Mini Glass Subway Tile Arabesque Glass Tile Hexagon Glass Tile Glimmer Glass Tile Ceramic Subway Tile. Subway Glass Tile.

What is authentic subway tile?

What is authentic subway tile? Subway tile is a style of glazed ceramic tile originally used on the walls of the New York City subway stations in the early 20th century. The charming 3″ x 6″ tiles covered the walls of subway platforms and allowed for easy cleaning and graffiti removal.

What color is subway tile?

White Subway Tile Color And Beyond. Since the grey kitchen is competing with the white kitchen, grey is one of the popular colors. White is a classic since it was introduced in 1904. Taupe is a very neutral color to match with almost anything.