Can you cast crankbaits?

Can you cast crankbaits?

Casting crankbaits for walleyes is a great way to not only catch fish, but the action is tough to beat for a walleye. It’s also one of my kid’s favorite ways to fish. It keeps them engaged and active, not like bottom bouncer fishing or trolling cranks where it can get slow.

How do you find bass in standing timber?

2: If you find a submerged treetop, the bass will almost always hold over, or in, the top of it. Don’t try to fish every tree in a patch of standing timber. Pick it apart, and fish it correctly. You’ll catch ’em.

Is Poplar good for lure making?

Poplar is a fine wood for lure making as long as you take precautions that keep the water out. I have many gliders, twitches, and cranks made from poplar and they’ve caught tons of fish.

How do you fish a crankbait from shore?

The best way to fish a crankbait from the shore is by making the crankbait bang to the rocks or structure of the bank and other structures. Moving the bait with a sweeping motion is highly recommended. Avoid setting the hook aggressively in order to protect your fishing gear.

Can you cast a flicker minnow?

Both the 5cm and 7cm sizes of the Berkley Flicker Shads are excellent choices for casting to walleye. The Berkley Flicker Minnow is another good option for shallow water fishing or when fishing over the top of submerged weed and wood cover.

How to fish a crankbait?

When fishing around cover slow your retrieve or raise your rod and pause the bait. Try a stop-and-go presentation when running the lure in open water to trigger bites from inactive bass. The key to fishing a crankbait is if you know where the fish are; figure out what the fish want.

What are sinking crankbaits used for?

Sinking crankbaits are mostly used for maximum depth, since they are denser than water they will reach a little deeper in the water column. You can also let these lures sink to the bottom before starting the retrieve, enabling you to fish quite deep.

What makes a crankbait strike?

Flashy colors and loud rattles aren’t always enough to generate strikes with a crankbait, but when the bait deflects off something in the water it may look like an evasive movement to a bass and will generate an instinctive strike response.

Why are crankbaits longer on long cast rods?

A long cast also allows your crankbaits to reach the right depth zone. The farther you cast it the more efficient your crankbait becomes. It takes a while for the crankbait to dive to its maximum depth, so a longer cast helps the crankbait reach that depth. Selecting the right rod length makes it easier to deliver crankbaits long distances.