Can you get digital tachograph form from the Post Office?

Can you get digital tachograph form from the Post Office?

Note: You might also get the DVLA digital tachograph card application form at some of the bigger MOT testing stations but not at Post Offices. Following that, you should fill in the document and mail it to the address written on the digital tachograph form.

How long does it take to get a digital tachograph card?

Drivers should have their new tachograph card issued within 24 hours from applying compared to 10 days or more when posting their paper applications.

How much does a tacho card cost?

It costs: £32 for your first GB driver digital tachograph card. £19 to renew an expired card. £19 to replace a lost or stolen card.

How do I get my first CPC card?

You’ll get your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence ( CPC ) card when you’ve done 35 hours of periodic training. The card is sometimes called a ‘driver qualification card’ or ‘ DQC ‘. You must carry this card while driving a lorry, bus or coach professionally.

Can I drive while waiting for tacho card?

You can only drive without a tacho card for a maximum of 15 calendar days. The DVLA is required to issue you a new card within 5 working days, so this should not be a huge problem.

Can I drive a lorry without a digital tachograph card?

It is technically possible to operate vehicles fitted with a tachograph without a tachograph card. Although this is illegal, there are a few very rare exceptions. The main reason for driving without a tachograph card is allowed when the card is irretrievable (lost, damaged, malfunctioning or stolen).

Can I fit my own tachograph?

Fitting Tachographs in Light Commercial Vehicles Installation must be done by a vehicle OEM, or at an approved tachograph calibration centre. You can find your nearest service centre here.

How do I get a CPC card UK?

How do I apply for a digital tachograph driver card?

If you do not hold a record or are applying for a renewal you must use form D777B available from You need to use form D777B/DL to apply for a for a digital tachograph driver card if you hold a GB photocard driving licence. A new photo is not needed.

What is the tachograph company card service?

The Tachograph Company Card service will allow Vehicle Operators (haulage and passenger transport businesses) to: Company cards are used by employers to download or print driving hours from the Vehicle Unit so that they can evidence that their drivers are compliant with the law.

How do I apply for a tachograph card in Northern Ireland?

Your tachograph card will be sent to the address that’s on your driving licence. If it’s incorrect, you’ll need to change the address on your driving licence before you apply. There’s a different way to apply for a Northern Ireland digital tachograph card. You can fill in a paper form to apply for, renew or replace a driver digital tachograph card.

What if I do not have a tachograph card or photocard?

If you do not hold a GB-issued tachograph card or a GB photocard driving licence, you must apply using a D777B application form. Updated D777B (DL) form. Details section updated. PDF updated.