Can you go opal mining in Lightning Ridge?

Can you go opal mining in Lightning Ridge?

The major opal-producing areas in NSW are Lightning Ridge and White Cliffs. Visitors may fossick or “spec” for opal on a field provided they have first obtained permission of the landowner or leaseholder. If the area is subject to a registered mineral claim, a visitor must also seek permission from the claimholder.

Is it worth visiting Lightning Ridge?

Is Lightning Ridge worth visiting? In a word, yes, it’s best known as being the Australian home of the Black Opal and one of only a few places in the world where these unique and valuable gems are found. It’s also likely to be one of the most unusual places you will visit in Australia.

Where can I go Fossicking in Lightning Ridge?

Big Opal – Underground Mine Tour First licenced opal mine open to the public in Lightning Ridge. Features: Opal mine, free entry to above ground opal and souvenir shop, fossicking, and DVD of opal history featuring Lightning Ridge.

What is the best time to visit Lightning Ridge?

Based on the tourism score, the best times of year to visit Lightning Ridge for warm-weather activities are from early February to early April and from late November to early January.

Where can I mine for black opal?

Lightning Ridge, New South Wales The Lightning Ridge opal mining fields are synonymous with world famous gem quality black opals. Unlike ordinary opals the black opal has carbon and iron oxide trace elements in it, producing the most sought-after opal in the world.

Why is Lightning Ridge so special?

Lightning Ridge is home to the world’s largest black opal mining which is the reason it’s become a well known town in Australia. But there’s so much more which brings tourists to this remote part of NSW. Think hot springs, a unique underground sculpture gallery, a beer can house and so much more!

Where is the best place to find opals?

While it’s true that Australia is the leading source for opals worldwide, followed by Ethiopia, the US has a humble but steady supply, too. The US supplies only a fraction compared to other sources like Australia, Ethiopia, Brazil, and Mexico, but the western canyons and valleys are lined with small opal mines.

Is the road to Lightning Ridge sealed?

The small township of Lightning Ridge is located about 750 km northwest of Sydney and approx. 750 km southwest of Brisbane. The roads are tar sealed all the way into and throughout the town.

What is Lightning Ridge known for?

A unique and historic opal mining town in Outback NSW, Lightning Ridge is famed for its rare black opal, mining history and colourful locals.

What type of opal is at Lightning Ridge?

black opal
Lightning Ridge is famous for producing black opal, the darkest and most valuable form of opal. White Cliffs is known for seam opal which is usually white (milk) opal or crystal opal. The Lightning Ridge opal mining fields are synonymous with world famous gem quality black opals.

Can anyone mine opal in Australia?

A person must be licensed to mine for opals in South Australia. South Australia has four proclaimed opal fields – Coober Pedy, Mintabie, Stuart Creek and Andamooka.