Can you watch Sky Online NZ?

Can you watch Sky Online NZ?

And it’s ready for you to download. The Sky Go app is free for Sky customers with a Sky Box in their home and lets you watch on any device, anywhere in New Zealand so you can take Sky with you. It’s now easier than ever to find the movies, shows and sport you want to watch, Live and On Demand.

What’s on Sky Movies Select now?

Sky Cinema Select today Find out what’s on TV.

  • 5:05am. The Battle of Jangsari. War (2019)
  • 6:50am. Batman. Action (1989)
  • 9:00am. Batman Returns. Action (1992)
  • 11:10am. Batman Forever. Action (1995)
  • 1:25pm. Batman & Robin. Action (1997)
  • 3:35pm. Elysium. Action (2013)
  • 5:35pm. Battleship. Action (2012)
  • 8:00pm. San Andreas. Action (2015)

What is the Sky Cinema premiere today?

Sky Cinema Premiere

Time TV Show
08:45 am Dune
11:25 am Deadlock
1:10 pm Last Letter from Your Lover
3:15 pm Here Today

How do I watch Sky online?

Download the Sky Go app today And with Sky Mobile, you can watch Sky TV on the go without using your data. Sky Go is included at no extra cost to your Sky TV subscription.

What number is Sky movies Showcase?

channel 106
Sky Showcase is available to watch now on channel 106.

Whats on Sky Cinema HD now?

Sky Cinema Action HD today Find out what’s on TV.

  • 5:05am. Wonder Woman. Action (2009)
  • 6:35am. The Battle of Jangsari. War (2019)
  • 8:35am. Abduction. Action (2019)
  • 10:25am. The Three Musketeers. Action (2011)
  • 12:30pm. Daredevil. Action (2003)
  • 2:30pm. Elektra. Action (2005)
  • 4:20pm. The Losers. Action (2010)
  • 6:10pm. Jurassic Park III.

Is Sky Showcase free on Sky?

Sky Showcase and Sky Max will be available to all Sky customers at no extra cost, and will also launch on streaming service NOW, Virgin and BT.