Could the Thredbo landslide have been prevented?

Could the Thredbo landslide have been prevented?

While many landslides can be triggered by bad weather and other natural causes, the Thredbo landslide was, unfortunately, an accident that could have been prevented.

What caused the Thredbo disaster?

The Coroner’s report released on 29 June 2000 said that the landslide was caused by water from heavy rain, melting snow and a leaking water main. The landslide hit an eastern wing of one of the lodges first, which caused the nearby land to collapse onto lodges below.

How did Stuart Diver survive the Thredbo landslide?

The landslide killed 18 people, one of whom was Diver’s first wife, Sally (née Donald). After 65 hours in sub-zero temperatures with only a small blanket and jacket, Diver was finally pulled from the rubble.

How much did the Thredbo landslide cost?

However, over $40 million dollars were spent by the NSW State Government in out-of-court settlements. Immediately after the landslide that took place in Thredbo, there were several visible affects. Erosion played a huge role in damaging the natural environment of the affected area.

How many died in the Thredbo disaster?

18 people
Thredbo landslide case study, Australian Emergency Management Institute (PDF 224KB) At close to midnight on 30 July 1997, a landslide swept down Thredbo Alpine Village, destroying two lodges and killing 18 people.

How did Stuart Diver survive?

He had essentially been lying in a freezing, pitch black coffin, for 65 hours. A pipe was lowered down to provide warmer air, as was a tube filled with fluids to keep him hydrated. They then began the process of pulling him from the rubble in what turned out to be an 11-hour rescue operation.

Is Stuart Diver married now?

Rosanna CossettiniStuart Diver / Spouse (m. 2002–2015)

Where is Stuart Diver today?

Now, 24 years later, Diver still lives in the NSW Snowy Mountains town of Thredbo with his 11-year-old daughter Alessia, and is the resort general manager there.

What was the Thredbo disaster?

Thredbo disaster 20 years on: Pain lingers after horror of snowfield landslide. It was described as sounding like an approaching freight train, 1,000 tonnes of liquid mud crashing down on a ski resort where most were asleep.

Could the Thredbo landslide have been avoided?

regular checking of the water main would have meant that leakages were addressed and dealt with earlier, the initiative undertaken directly in Thredbo, so the issue would have been responded to faster and the landslide could have been ultimately avoided.

What if emergency response teams had better resources and Technology?

if emergency response teams had better resources and technology at their disposal, they could have been able to begin rescue programmes at night, saving time and making the whole response more efficient.

What hindered the rescue efforts of emergency response teams associated with landslide?

The rescue efforts of emergency response teams associated with the landslide were considerably hindered by the fact that the landslide occurred late at night, so the site was dark.