Did Aretha Franklin sing the theme song to a different world?

Did Aretha Franklin sing the theme song to a different world?

Aretha Franklin sang the theme song for a “Different World” for three seasons. The show’s theme was first performed by Phoebe Snow, but producers wanted to change things up for the second season and managed to get the Queen of Soul to lend her voice to the theme.

Who sang the intro to a different world?

Aretha Franklin will be remembered for her powerful voice, and virtuosity as a pianist, producer, arranger, and songwriter. She’ll also be remembered for her unyielding activism and effortless shade, but if you grew up in the late ’80s, you probably remember her for something else: A Different World’s theme song.

Who sang the last different world theme song?

The show’s theme was sung by Phoebe Snow in the first season. It was sung by Aretha Franklin in seasons two through five. In the final season, it was sung by Boyz II Men. Between seasons 2 and 5 the theme song was performed by Aretha Franklin, who had been married to series co-star Glynn Turman prior to the show.

Who sang a different world theme song season 6?

A Different World
Theme music composer Stu Gardner Bill Cosby Dawnn Lewis
Opening theme Performed by: Phoebe Snow (season 1) Aretha Franklin (seasons 2–5) Boyz II Men and Terrence Forsythe (season 6)
Country of origin United States
Original language English

Who sang Cybill theme song?

Popular culture. In the 1951 film An American in Paris, the song is performed by Georges Guétary. A version of this song was used during the opening credits of the 1995 to 1998 CBS sitcom Cybill, starring Cybill Shepherd, who performed the song.

What year did a different world start?

On September 24, 1987, A Different World aired its wildly popular pilot, whose ratings surpassed every other program except The Cosby Show. The sitcom originally starred Lisa Bonet, already known to the world as Denise Huxtable. A real-life plot twist occurred when Bonet left after the first season.

Who plays Whitney’s mom on a different world?

14. Marion Gilbert. This was the moment we got to see where exactly Whitley came from, and viewers saw that the apple did not fall far from the plantation. Played masterfully by Diahann Carroll (because who else would play Whitley’s mother), Marion oozed more elegance and shade than anyone could handle.

Why did Dawnn Lewis leave a different world?

Lewis left the show after the conclusion of the first season due to the producers deciding to change the direction of the show, replacing her character with a mother and child; Mark’s cousin Geneva Lee (portrayed by Saundra Quarterman) and her daughter Nicole (portrayed by Raven-Symoné).

Who wrote Moonlighting?

Moonlighting (theme song)

Single by Al Jarreau
Label MCA Records
Songwriter(s) Lee Holdridge, Al Jarreau
Producer(s) Nile Rodgers

Why was A Different World important?

‘A Different World’ tackled a number of important issues It wound up being one of the first shows to openly tackle controversial topics that were rarely ever addressed on TV in the ’90s, including HIV, date rape, apartheid and the Equal Rights Amendment.

Where can I find A Different World?

A Different World, a sitcom series starring Dawnn Lewis, Jasmine Guy, and Lisa Bonet is available to stream now. Watch it on Prime Video, Philo or HBO Max on your Roku device.