Did Canada have planes in WW2?

Did Canada have planes in WW2?

The War Economy and Controls: Aircraft Production During the Second World War, the Canadian aircraft industry grew to employ nearly 116,000 workers, 30,000 of whom were women. It delivered 16,418 aircraft to fill Allied orders, chiefly from Britain and the United States, but also for use by the RCAF and BCATP.

How many Canadian pilots were in ww2?

49,808 pilots
131,553 air force personnel, including 49,808 pilots, were trained at airbases in Canada from October 1940 to March 1945. More than half of the BCAT graduates were Canadians who went on to serve with the RCAF and Royal Air Force (RAF).

What were planes used for during ww2 give at least 3 examples?

Types of Aircraft Used The three main kinds of aircraft used during World War II were bombers, fighters, and transport planes. The bombers carried bombs to drop on targets. Bombers of light, medium, and heavy capabilities were used, depending on the type of target.

What is considered the best fighter plane of WW2?

The number 1 is no surprise: the North American P-51 Mustang. Often and usually considered the best fighter of the war, the P-51 was a game-changer for Allied forces. Employed as a long-range bomber escort, the P-51 was unmatched by German planes, especially at high altitudes.

What was the best plane of World War 2?

Brooks was drafted into the Army at age 31 in 1940,working under white officers in a mostly black unit

  • He served in the 91st Engineer General Service Regiment as one of 1,193 black enlisted soldiers at the time
  • The unit spent time in Australia and built structures in the Philippines,Horn Island and Papua New Guinea
  • What was the most famous plane in World War 2?


  • Light fighters and fighter bombers (single-engined,single-seat) Ambrosini SAI.207 Ansaldo A.120 Caudron C.714 Dewoitine D.500/D.510 Dewoitine D.520 Fokker D.XXI Koolhoven F.K.58
  • Heavy fighters (multi-engined or multi-seat) and night fighters
  • Jet- and rocket- propelled fighters
  • Light bombers,tactical reconnaissance and observation aircraft.
  • What airplanes were used in World War 2?

    Aeronca LNR observation/liaison/trainer

  • Beechcraft SNB Navigator trainer
  • Beechcraft JRB transport
  • Beechcraft GB Traveler transport
  • Bell XTDL Airacobra fighter
  • Bell XF2L Airacomet jet fighter
  • Boeing PB Flying Fortress heavy bomber
  • Boeing P2B Superfortress heavy bomber
  • Boeing 314 Clipper impressed flying boat transport
  • What was the fastest fighter plane of World War 2?

    What was the plane’s top speed?

  • How does the aircraft maneuver at low and high altitudes?
  • How durable is the plane?
  • What is the visibility out the cockpit windows?
  • How safe is the aircraft?
  • What armament does it carry?
  • What is the range of the aircraft?
  • What is its overall flying performance?