Did Marc Gasol attend college?

Did Marc Gasol attend college?

Lausanne Collegiate SchoolMarc Gasol / EducationLausanne Collegiate School is an independent, coeducational college-placement school in Memphis, Tennessee. With grades for pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade, the school has a sizable international population, with foreign nationals comprising 1⁄3 of the student body, representing 55 different countries. Wikipedia

Where did Pau Gasol go to college?

Universidad de BarcelonaPau Gasol / CollegeThe University of Barcelona is a public university located in the city of Barcelona, Catalonia in Spain. With 63,000 students, it is one of the biggest universities in Spain. It is one of the oldest universities in both Catalonia and Spain, established in 1450.
It is considered one the best universities in Spain. Wikipedia

Did Marc Gasol retire?

The expectation was that Gasol could retire or go on to play in Spain. And it turns out that is exactly what Gasol is doing. He announced this week that he would be returning to Spain to play for Girona of LEB Oro, the second division of Spanish basketball.

Will Pau Gasol make the Hall of Fame?

Pau Gasol announced his retirement Tuesday. He will be a first ballot hall of famer and will get his No. 16 Lakers jersey retired at Staples Center.

Where is Marc Gasol playing now?

Spain men’s national basketball team#13 / Center
Marc Gasol/Current teams

Who is Marc Gasol?

The NBA All-Rookie Team Winner Marc Gasol is a well-known Spanish NBA player. He is known for the playing for Toronto Raptors. Gasol was selected with a 48th overall pick by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2007 NBA draft. Spanish proficient NBA player Marc Gasol Saez mostly known as Marc Gasol was born on 29th May 1985 in Barcelona, Spain.

What high school did Marc Gasol go to?

Gasol played high school basketball at Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis. Nicknamed “The Big Burrito,” he was named Division 2’s Mr. Basketball in 2003 following a senior season in which he averaged 26 points, 13 rebounds, and six blocks per game. In 2008, Lausanne retired Gasol’s number 33 jersey.

Is Marc Gasol going to play for Girona?

It’s also available for football, hockey and baseball. 11/25 HoopsRumors: Marc Gasol To Play For Girona : As expected, veteran center Marc Gasol has announced that he’ll

How tall is Marc Gasol basketball player?

The Spanish basketball player, Marc Gasol stands at the height of 6 feet 11 inches and weighs 116 kg. Likewise, Marc holds 481k followers on Instagram, 1.2 million followers on Twitter, and 488k followers on Facebook.