Do Riley and Zane get back together?

Do Riley and Zane get back together?

Zane then tells him that he is a happy for him and that he accepted Eastern’s offer, which is also where Riley is going to college. They then agree to meet up for freshman orientation. It later confirmed via the character’s Twitters, that they got back together after this.

What happens to Zane on Degrassi?

He can be impatient at times. Zane was very open about his sexuality, and was even head of the LGBT Club at Degrassi. He is now a student at Eastern University and is currently in a relationship with Riley Stavros, confirmed via their twitters.

What episode does Riley come out in?

The Way We Get By: Part 2.

Do Marco and Dylan stay together?

They broke up in Moonlight Desires because Dylan cheated on Marco and wanted an open relationship. They got back together in Total Eclipse Of The Heart but it ended in Standing In The Dark (2) because Dylan put no effort into their long distance relationship.

Who does Drew end up with?

Shortly after they rekindled their relationship in season 12, Bianca accepted Drew’s proposal of marriage. Despite the fact that Drew had to repeat his senior year at Degrassi while Bianca had graduated, they promised to remain committed to each other.

Do Katie and Drew get back together?

They stayed together until Come As You Are (1), but got back together later in the episode, just to break up again in Come As You Are (2) Drew decided he wanted to be with Bianca and wanted to break up with Katie for Bianca but decided it would be best to wait until Katie got out of rehab but he waited until after …

How much older is Dylan than Marco?

They are two years apart in age: Dylan was born in 1986 while Marco was born in June 1988. They both graduated from Degrassi: Dylan in 2004 and Marco in 2006.

Who plays Marcos boyfriend Degrassi?

He was also best friends with Paige Michalchuk until Degrassi Goes Hollywood but they have resolved their conflict and are friends again as of #ThrowbackThursday. Marco was portrayed by Adamo Ruggiero. 1….About.

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Do Bianca and Drew get back together?

Once Katie and Drew break up, he makes Katie swear not to tell Bianca or anyone that they had sex. Later, Bianca and Drew are on a date at the mall, and are happily back together.

Is Holly J adopted?

When her parents aren’t matches, she learns the truth: she’s adopted. Holly J’s dialysis is not working and her doctor recommends a kidney transplant. When her parents aren’t matches, she learns the truth: she’s adopted.

Why did Zane try to manipulate Riley into coming out?

Reason: Zane tried to manipulate Riley into coming out of the closet. Reason: Riley knew Zane wouldn’t wait for him to come out to his parents. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

What is the present is a gift between Riley and Zane?

Riley: “The present is a gift.” Zane: “Someone’s been talking to Anya.” Reason: Unknown. Reason: Zane tried to manipulate Riley into coming out of the closet. Reason: Riley didn’t want to ruin his relationship with his parents, and Zane wouldn’t wait until graduation for him to come out.

What happened between Riley and Zane in the locker room?

In the locker room, Riley makes plans with Zane for after school, when Owen walks in and starts instantly making fun of Zane. Riley sort of chimes in to, causing Zane to cancel their plans, and become mad at Riley. Upset, Riley seeks advice from Anya, who tells him that he needs to find a way to make Zane see that he cares for him.

What does Riley do to win Zane over from Spartacus?

Trying to make an impact and win Zane over even more, Riley gets the idea to follow the rules of Spartacus from Anya, and makes the whole team’s shirts pink in the wash. Riley then tells them that they’ll have to all wear pink, Owen is pissed and leaves, but the whole team supports and Zane is happy.