Does Olli Salumeria need to be refrigerated?

Does Olli Salumeria need to be refrigerated?

Although our salami products are shelf-stable at room temperature, and you may have bought it this way, we would recommend refrigerating our salami before and after opening. After opening simply place an unused portion in a zip-lock bag or wrap with plastic wrap.

Who owns Olli Salumeria?

Oliviero Colmignoli –
Oliviero Colmignoli – President and Founder – Olli Salumeria | LinkedIn.

Is Salami a pork or beef?

Salami is a cured sausage made from fermented and/or air-dried meat. Traditionally Salami was made from pork although nowadays, it is made with all manner of meat or game – beef, lamb, duck, venison, even horse or donkey – or a mixture of any of the above.

What is salami Napoli?

Salame Napoli is made of a mixture of fresh Italian pork, black pepper and spices. It has a firm and dense consistency, a bright red colour and is speckled with pepper grains.

How long does Olli salami last?

If dry salami hasn’t been opened yet, it can last up to six weeks unrefrigerated, and according to the USDA, “indefinitely” in the refrigerator. But cutting salami allows bacteria to reach the sausage, thus sliced salami can only last up to three weeks in the fridge, and up to two months in the freezer.

Are you supposed to eat the salami skin?

It is 100% edible. However, we do recommend removing the casing that has the mold on it before consumption. The function of the white mold is to protect the salami from any harmful bacteria getting inside the salami during the fermentation and drying processes.

What is the meaning of Olli?

What is the meaning of the name Olli? Olli means “olive”, “olive tree planter” and “peaceful” for girls and “ancestor’s descendant”, “warlike elf” or “olive tree” for boys.

Is Napoli salami spicy?

Very spicy in flavor, Neapolitan Salami sausages are formed into long logs of Salami that may be small to large in diameter.