Does the post office still do current accounts?

Does the post office still do current accounts?

Post Office Money Current Accounts are currently unavailable. Following a review by our current account provider, Bank of Ireland UK, a decision has been made to no longer offer Post Office Money Current Accounts.

How much can you withdraw from an post current account?

Use your card for chip and PIN transactions at point of sale, for online purchases or to withdraw cash at an ATM. With over 950 in Ireland, a post office is always close by….Account features.

Transaction Limit per transaction
Maximum daily post office withdrawal* €3,000
Maximum daily ATM withdrawal** €600

How do I lodge money into my post current account?

Funds can be lodged into your Current Account:

  1. at any post office in the Republic of Ireland; or.
  2. by bank transfer (including for example by way of salary transfers from employers and other payers and/or payment benefits and similar government payments).
  3. by quick lodge at or through the App.

Is an post current account good?

The An Post Money Current Account is straightforward and easy to manage, especially if you prefer banking via mobile app. The MoneyBack cashback feature is a great way to make some extra money, or to claw back some of your monthly maintenance fees. And this is also a good account for aspiring savers.

When did Post Office current accounts close?

The Post Office Money Current Account is closed to new applications from today (11 March 2019). All existing customers will be asked to make arrangements to switch their account to a different provider or close their account no later than 11 September 2019.

Can I transfer money from post office to bank account?

At present, post offices provide savings account services and payments bank services through the India Post Payments Bank. Connecting postal network with the banking network will enable online transfer of fund between post office accounts and bank accounts.

Are there fees with An Post current account?

You can lodge, withdraw or check your balance at any post office in the Republic of Ireland. You can use your card at any ATM, online or at any retailer worldwide, wherever the Mastercard acceptance sign is displayed. The current account has a simple monthly charge of €5.00.

Can I use the Post Office as a bank?

The Post Office says it’s able to serve 99% of UK banking customers. Before you go, check which banks and services are available at the post office you’re heading to, to avoid a wasted trip. The Post Office also offers business banking services, including withdrawals, deposits and change-giving services.

Are there fees with an post current account?

Can I transfer money from Post Office to bank account?