How did Russell Westbrook get a dent in his head?

How did Russell Westbrook get a dent in his head?

It was a tough night for Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook on Friday. Not only did his team lose, 115-112, to the Portland Trail Blazers, but the 26-year-old was left with a dent in his face after teammate Andre Roberson accidentally kneed him.

Did Russell Westbrook have face surgery?

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook underwent a successful procedure to address a fracture in the zygomatic arch bone of his right cheek Saturday, the team announced.

What type of mask does Russell Westbrook wear?

Surprisingly, Westbrook’s preferred face mask is relatively affordable, at just $25. Westbrook often wears the SMRTFT brand, which sells for as low as $24.95.

Why do I have a dent in my face?

When a loss of subcutaneous fat affects the face, it results in sunken cheeks and facial folds and indentations. The most common cause is associated with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). Eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, etc.). These disorders can result in hollow facial features, such as sunken cheeks.

Who hurt Russell Westbrook?

Russell Westbrook was knocked out of the playoffs early in 2013 in a series against his former (and future) teammate, James Harden. Westbrook suffered the injury in Game 2 of the first round and wound up missing the rest of the playoffs as a result.

Did Westbrook torn ACL?

But the injury was seen as a relatively “good” knee injury if such a thing exists. His ACL was still intact, and there was seemingly no question that Westbrook would be available for the 2013-14 season.

What brand mask do NBA players wear?

Professional Sports and Entertainment DESAVO is the #1 mask brand selected by professional athletes, teams and leagues, including the NBA, Fortune 100 companies and TV/Film production, including the Oscar Awards, to help stay safe and protected.

What mask is Lebron James wearing?

LA Laker Lebron James wears an aztec print Henry Mask while arriving to his game.

Why have I got a dent in my head?

Dents in your skull can be caused by trauma, cancer, bone diseases, and other conditions. If you notice a change in your skull shape, you should make an appointment with your doctor. Take note of any other symptoms, like headaches, memory loss, and vision difficulties, that could be connected to a dent in your skull.

Why does my face look sunken?

As we get older, collagen, elastin, and even facial fat pads break down, resulting in some changes that can cause the appearance of a sunken face. The effect is even more pronounced when the fat pads begin to drift south, which can exacerbate sunken cheeks and undereye hollows.