How did the Cree Nation make decisions?

How did the Cree Nation make decisions?

The Cree government was based on a system in which chiefs, councils, leaders, elders, women, and youth all participated in group decision-making, and all voices were heard.

What is the Cree nation known for?

The Plains Cree lived on the northern Great Plains; like other Plains Indians, their traditional economy focused on bison hunting and gathering wild plant foods. After acquiring horses and firearms, they were more militant than the Woodland Cree, raiding and warring against many other Plains tribes.

What is the Cree creation story?

In one version of the Cree creation story, the Creator made all the animals and the first people; then he told Wîsahkecâhk to teach them how to live. But Wîsahkecâhk did not obey, and the people quarreled. The Creator was displeased and sent a great flood.

How does the Cree government work?

The Grand Council of the Crees (Eeyou Istchee) and the Cree Nation Government are two distinct legal entities, however, they have identical membership, board of directors, governing structures and are de facto managed and operated as one organization by the Cree Nation.

How did Cree govern themselves?

Cree Government Before Europeans arrived, the Cree had little in the way of formal government. They lived as small bands each led by a chief. The chief was respected and listened to, but did not rule over the people. Today, each Cree reservation has its own government led by a chief and a council of leaders.

What did the Cree make?

The Cree made their clothes from animal hides such as buffalo, moose, or elk. The men wore long shirts, leggings, and breechcloths. The women wore long dresses. During the cold winters both men and women would wear long robes or cloaks to keep warm.

What is the name Cree short for?

The name Cree is primarily a gender-neutral name of Native American origin that means Tribe Name. From the word Kristineaux, which French fur traders used for the First Nations people near James Bay. Kristineaux became shortened to Kri or CREE in English.

What is the Cree Nation Government?

The Cree Nation Government exercises governmental and administrative functions on behalf of the Cree Nation. Both have identical membership, board of directors, governing structures and are managed and operated as one.