How did they film The Impossible?

How did they film The Impossible?

Real-Life. The Impossible was filmed at the Orchid Beach resort in Thailand, the same place where the real Belón family stayed when the tsunami hit. For the wave scene, Watts and Holland spent time in a Spanish water tank and special effects were later added digitally.

Is The Impossible film based on a true story?

2012’s The Impossible, now on Netflix, is set in the aftermath of the deadly tsunami that struck the Indian Ocean in 2004. The movie is based on the true story of a Spanish family vacationing in Thailand when the tsunami struck, who miraculously reunited after being separated.

What happens to the little boy Daniel found by Maria and Lucas?

The young boy was reunited with his folks and the Alvarez family never heard of him since. It took 14 months for Maria to fully recover from all the wounds she had endured during the horrific incident. The whereabouts of Daniel are still unknown to the Alvarez family.

How did they do the water scenes in The Impossible?

“We shot the actors in Thailand, then we shot the backgrounds with a real wave coming to camera, and we combined the two,” Mr. Bayona said. The special-effects team worked with Edinburgh Designs, a company specializing in simulating waves for surfing schools and pools at water parks.

Where is Maria Belon from?

Madrid, SpainMaría Belón / Place of birth

How long did it take to film The Impossible?

This meant Watts and Holland spent five weeks filming physically and psychologically demanding scenes in a massive water tank. Holland, aged 14 at the time of filming, later described it as a “scary environment …You can imagine how tiring and brutal that was.”

How did they do the special effects in The Impossible?

CG splashes created in RealFlow helped combine the plates. To give the water a specific dirt look, the filmmakers “used an ecological and safe tint and a lot of color grading, digital and shot debris,” says Berges.