How do I add a follow up question on Survey Monkey?

How do I add a follow up question on Survey Monkey?

To carry forward previous answer choices into a receiver question:

  1. Go to the Design Survey section of your survey.
  2. Click the receiver question you want to edit.
  3. Select Use previous answer choices.
  4. From the dropdown menu, choose the question whose answers you want to carry forward into the current question.

How do I distribute an online questionnaire?

Top Five Ways to Distribute Your Online Survey

  1. Email. Email is probably the most popular online survey distribution method.
  2. Quick Response (QR) Codes. QR codes are a graphic visualization of a web link, which is “read” by a QR code reader on a smartphone.
  3. Website or Blog Post. What better place to gather feedback than your own web properties?
  4. SMS Messaging.
  5. Via an App.

Can I make SurveyMonkey anonymous?

To turn on Anonymous Responses: Go to the Collect Responses section of your survey. Click Anonymous Responses. Choose to exclude all respondent information to exclude first name, last name, email address, IP address, and custom data from your results.

How do you distribute a survey?

4 Ways to Distribute Online Surveys

  1. Send email surveys.
  2. Add surveys to your website.
  3. Embed surveys in blog posts.
  4. Share surveys over social media.

How do I call survey monkey?

SurveyMonkey Support Contact Number SurveyMonkey’s contact phone number is (650) 543-8400.

How do you distribute responses to a questionnaire?

5 (Better) Survey Distribution Methods To Get More Respondents

  1. Random Device Engagement. By far, the best way to distribute surveys is through a method called Random Device Engagement.
  2. Share your survey on social media.
  3. Share your survey on your website or blog.
  4. Hire a Market Research agency.
  5. Send surveys via email.

How do I get rid of the OK button in Survey Monkey?

Showing or Hiding Buttons

  1. Click the Design Survey tab.
  2. Click Options in the left sidebar.
  3. Click Exit Link to toggle the setting.

How do I contact SurveyMonkey by phone?

We do not provide or mail hard-copy printed materials.

  1. Investor Relations: [email protected].
  2. Customer Support: [email protected].
  3. Transfer Agent: Computershare Trust Company, N.A. P.O. Box 43078. Providence, RI 02940. (877) 373-6374 – Toll Free. (781) 575-3100 – Outside of the US.

How much does SurveyMonkey cost?

The pricing for SurveyMonkey starts at $28.00 per user per month. SurveyMonkey has 5 different plans: Team Advantage (Business Plan) at $28.00 per user per month. Advantage (Personal Plan) at $32.00 per month.

How do you structure a questionnaire?

There are nine steps involved in the development of a questionnaire:

  1. Decide the information required.
  2. Define the target respondents.
  3. Choose the method(s) of reaching your target respondents.
  4. Decide on question content.
  5. Develop the question wording.
  6. Put questions into a meaningful order and format.

Can you save progress in Survey Monkey?

With SurveyMonkey, it’s easy for respondents to save the progress they’ve made filling out your survey—and complete it at a later time. With this setting on your collector, busy respondents can close the survey and finish it later without having to start over.

Can you edit responses on SurveyMonkey?

A respondent can edit their survey responses from any computer since their responses are tied to their email address and not a cookie in their browser. If you buy survey responses using SurveyMonkey Audience, your survey is sent through the Target Audience Collector.

How do you write a research questionnaire?

How to Make a Questionnaire

  1. Know your question types.
  2. Keep it brief, when possible.
  3. Choose a simple visual design.
  4. Use a clear research process.
  5. Create questions with straightforward, unbiased language.
  6. Ensure every question is important.
  7. Ask one question at a time.
  8. Order your questions logically.

Can I subscribe to SurveyMonkey for one month?

A monthly plan is a great option if you don’t want to pay for a whole year at once —you can pay and renew month to month. Monthly plans only include 1,000 survey responses per month, and additional responses cost extra.