How do I add an RSS feed to Outlook for Mac?

How do I add an RSS feed to Outlook for Mac?

Expand the ‘Outlook Data File’ list by clicking on the arrow to the left of it. Right-click RSS Feeds (or RSS Subscriptions, depending on your version of Outlook) and then click ‘Add a New RSS Feed. ‘ A new window should appear. Paste the RSS Feed address that you’ve copied into the box.

How do I get RSS Feeds in Outlook?

Subscribe to an RSS Feed from Outlook

  1. In Outlook, right-click the RSS Feeds folder and choose Add a New RSS Feed.
  2. In the New RSS Feed dialog box, enter the URL of the RSS Feed. Tip: If you need help finding the RSS feed URL on a website, look for an RSS icon.
  3. Choose Add > OK.

How do I turn off RSS Feeds in Outlook for Mac?

On the File tab, choose Account Settings > Account Settings. On the RSS Feeds tab, under Feed Name, choose the RSS Feed >Remove.

Where do I find add ins in Outlook for Mac?

Get add-ins for Outlook for Mac

  1. Select See more items (…) in the toolbar and select Get Add-ins.
  2. You can search for add-ins by typing a keyword in the Search box and pressing the Return or Enter key.
  3. When you find the add-in you want, select the Add button.

How do I fix RSS feed Error in Outlook?

In Outlook 2016: Go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings. Select the RSS Feeds tab, and remove any existing feed for the same URL/feed name. Click “new” and enter in the RSS feed copied from step one.

How do I subscribe to RSS feeds in Chrome?

You can follow a site through the browser’s three-dot menu to subscribe to its RSS feed and have it update in your Chrome app. Sites you’re following will appear in a tab called “following,” which sits along Google’s “for you” tab of recommended articles.

What is the RSS feed folder in Outlook?

Subscribing a RSS Feed enables you to get all summaries of updated news of favorite web sites in Microsoft Outlook automatically. Therefore, you can get the updated news’ summaries with email messages without opening those web pages any longer.

How do I remove the RSS Feeds folder from Outlook?

In Mail, in the Folder Pane, expand the RSS Feeds folder (Outlook 2013) or the RSS Subscriptions folder (Outlook 2016). Click the folder for the RSS Feed, and then press Delete. When prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.

How do I enable add-ins on Mac?

On the Insert tab, select Add-ins. To get new add-ins, select Get Add-ins. To use add-ins you already have, select My Add-ins.