How do I add my own music to Need for Speed: Most Wanted?

How do I add my own music to Need for Speed: Most Wanted?

You can’t add your own music to the game, but you can disable the built-in music in the Options>Audio menu. Then play your own music on the Media player while playing the game.

Can you change the music in Need for Speed: Most Wanted?

Under the music section on the XMB go to the Playlist icon and create a playlist with the music you want to play in-game. When you go to the options menu in the game under audio you should be able to change it from game soundtrack to the playlist of your choice. Hope this helps!

How to install need for Speed?

Need for Speed Most Wanted download, install for PC, gameplay and walkthrough, Need for Speed Most Wanted is one of the best games in the EA legend. Compete to climb to the top of the blacklist without being caught by the police

Which Need for Speed is the best?

Need for Speed Rivals (2013): It’s one of the best NFS games, if not the best one out there. It’s gameplay is great and it’s graphics are stunning. The upcoming Need for Speed Payback (2017) is definitely the best NFS game in terms of graphics.

How to Downlode need for Speed?

Using 7z File extract the game

  • Extract nfsmwres file then copy it to the game files (this will help you for doing custom resolution but its optional)
  • Launch the game using nfsmwres,change your resolution according to your screen resolution (look in your display)
  • Enjoy.
  • How to mod need for Speed?

    MW-like Performance Upgrades,resulting in a major gameplay change.

  • Added+40 new Challenges to the Challenge Series with unique rewards.
  • Added+10 new cars and restored some cut cars.
  • Custom cars are now unlockable offline,upgradeable and obtainable in Career Mode.
  • Added new Car sounds from NFS Underground 2,NFS MW and NFS Prostreet.