How do I change the default controller in Yii?

How do I change the default controller in Yii?

You can’t change that in the urlManager, but what you can do of course is: ‘components’ => array( ‘urlManager’ => array( ‘rules’ => array( ” => ‘controller/action’, ), ), ), So when you request the index page, the controller “controller” with action “action” will be triggered.

What is the name of the default controller of the yii2 console application?

Default Controller For Web applications, its value is ‘site’ , while for console applications, it is help .

Is Yii a MVC?

Yii implements the model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern which is widely adopted in Web programming. MVC aims to separate business logic from user interface considerations so that developers can more easily change each part without affecting the other.

How do I start Yii serve?

If you are new to Yii, we strongly recommend you stick to the Basic Project Template for its simplicity yet sufficient functionalities.

  1. Installing via Composer. Installing Composer.
  2. Installing from an Archive File.
  3. Other Installation Options.
  4. Installing Assets.
  5. Verifying the Installation.
  6. Configuring Web Servers.

What should model MVC have?

The model in MVC should also be able to implement business logic on the data it represents. For example, common business logic for web applications includes validation rules. Validation rules enforce that data coming into the application meets the constraint of the design of the system required.

How are applications structured?

An application can be organized in terms of multiple modules. filters: they represent code that need to be invoked before and after the actual handling of each request by controllers. widgets: they are objects that can be embedded in views. They may contain controller logic and can be reused in different views.