How do I get from Larnaca airport to the city?

How do I get from Larnaca airport to the city?

You have two options of transportation from Larnaca airport to the city centre, the public bus or a taxi. The cheapest option would be to take the public bus, as it costs only 1.50-2.50€ per person.

Is there a bus from Larnaca airport to Nicosia?

How to get from Larnaca airport to Nicosia by bus. The Kapnos airport shuttle from Larnaca airport to Nicosia runs every single day, including weekends and holidays. The journey will take around 60 minutes, and costs 8€ for adults and 5€ for children.

How far is Larnaca airport from Larnaca?

The distance between Larnaca Airport (LCA) and Larnaca is 6 km. The road distance is 9 km. How do I travel from Larnaca Airport (LCA) to Larnaca without a car? The best way to get from Larnaca Airport (LCA) to Larnaca without a car is to line 425 bus which takes 22 min and costs €1 – €3.

Are there buses in Cyprus?

There are four types of bus service in Cyprus: – Airport Transfer Buses: linking all the towns to the island’s two airports of Larnaka (Larnaca) and Pafos (Paphos). – Interurban buses: linking all major towns on a daily basis, and with frequent routes.

Does Uber work in Cyprus?

Re: Is Uber available in Cyprus? Yes, they do drive on the same side of the road as us. The main highways are very good in Cyprus.

How much is a taxi from Larnaca to Nicosia?

Travel to Nicosia by taxi from Larnaca Airport takes about 40 minutes journey to get you there. The distance is 50 Km and the transfer will cost to you 50 euro per taxi at day and 55 euro night time. By the way, the cheapest way to reach Nicosia during the day time is the bus.

How do you use the bus in Cyprus?

All city and intercity buses have air-conditioning and are very comfortable. Attention! Always enter through the front door and buy your ticket from the bus driver. Use the back door to exit the bus.

How do you get around Cyprus without a car?

Independent travellers have a choice of renting vehicles, catching buses, or taking taxis. For the more intrepid, walking and cycling are also options. The transport system in the north is nowhere near as well-developed as that of the south, and your best bet here is to rent a car or book a tour.

What taxi app works in Cyprus?

CABCY Taxi App
CABCY Taxi App operates in Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca, Cyprus. We offer instant and pre-booked trips, honest prices and comfortable cars. CABCY Taxi App Cyprus carefully selects cars, and passengers can be sure to get only presentable and comfortable cabs.

Does bolt work in Cyprus?

Bolt helps you to find a taxi and transport yourself and your family between different destinations on Cyprus. They cover the cities of Limassol Larnaca and Nicosia. You can download application on app store or google play.