How do I install DokuWiki on Windows 10?

How do I install DokuWiki on Windows 10?

DokuWiki Installation

  1. Step 0: Make sure your server meets the requirements.
  2. Step 1: Download the newest release from the Download Page.
  3. Step 2: Read the security page before you begin installing.
  4. Step 3: Unpack the distribution tarball and upload/copy the files to your webspace.
  5. Step 4: Open the install.

Where are pages stored in dokuwiki?

Where do the pages go? In the actual folder space on your computer the pages are stored as text files here: \data\pages – but don’t edit them from there because you will mess up the wiki indexing.

What is the DokuWiki manual?

DokuWiki Manual. The manual is intended to be the extended resource for all standard questions on using DokuWiki. It includes information useful for “standard” users up to administrators who want to configure and run their own wiki installation. Pages should start with a general description of a feature and how to use it,…

How do I install DokuWiki in PHP?

The setup script install.php assists you to do your initial DokuWiki setup. It checks for the availability of required PHP functions and checks for needed file permissions. It also creates an initial administrator account and an initial ACL policy. To run the installer, open the page http:// [dokuwikiPath]/ install.php in the web browser.

How to install DokuWiki on lampstack?

DokuWiki Bitnami Module – an installer which deploys DokuWiki on top of LAMPStack if you are using Linux, or MAMPStack, WAMPStack or SAMPstack if you are using Mac, Windows or Solaris allowing to share database, webserver and language runtime with other applications modules. For local desktop wiki (on Mac) install using php build-in webserver.

How to access extension manager in DokuWiki?

The extension manager is accessed via the admin menu which makes it only available on wikis with ACL enabled. Even in a completely public wiki it can be worth enabling ACL to gain access to DokuWiki’s admin functions, like the extension manager. No plugin package.