How do I teach my kid to dribble soccer?

How do I teach my kid to dribble soccer?

Soccer Dribbling: Ball Security Exercise

  1. Begin with each young child possessing a ball.
  2. Instruct them to dribble.
  3. Ask each young child, “Is that my ball or your ball?”
  4. Most will instinctually tell you, “It is my ball.”
  5. After have fun saying, “That’s my ball!”
  6. Then challenge children trying to steal their soccer ball.

How do you coach dribbling?

Here are a few coaching points to focus on when coaching dribbling drills:

  1. Low center of gravity.
  2. Keep arms up and out for balance.
  3. Keep the head and eyes up.
  4. Scan the field as you are dribbling.
  5. Dribble with the shoelaces when dribbling.
  6. Keep the ball close in pressure and away from you in space.

What are the teaching points of dribbling?

Key Coaching Points for Dribbling: eyes on the ball as well as the opponents feet (if close) head up when possible to scan field, oncoming pressure and assess options. soft touches. close control of the ball.

What are 5 steps to dribbling a soccer ball?

5 Steps to Learn How to Dribble a Soccer Ball

  1. Use your arms. When you dribble with speed move your arms as you would when you sprint without the ball.
  2. Stay in an athletic position.
  3. Use the front of your feet.
  4. Use your place foot correctly.
  5. Raise up your knee.
  6. Shield and dribble.
  7. Look at the ball less.
  8. Dribble with a purpose.

What are the best soccer drills?


  • Shooting
  • Dribbling
  • Defending
  • Goalkeeper
  • Attacking
  • Fitness
  • Crossing
  • Heading
  • Ball control. If you can master the skills needed in these areas you will be well on your way to being a great soccer player.
  • How to develop good soccer dribbling skills?

    Tips/Drills: A great drill is simply weaving in and out of a set of cones,and you can of course get creative.

  • You can make up other restrictions to put on yourself to try to improve a specific part of your dribbling technique.
  • another great way to improve your dribbling is by watching professionals dribbling.
  • How to become a soccer dribbling Master?

    Inside Trap. The inside trap is the simplest to learn,as well as the most common type in soccer,which requires you to use the inside of your foot to

  • Chest Trap. You can also add the chest-trap to your soccer skills by practicing leaning back slightly.
  • Thigh Trap.
  • How to improve your soccer dribbling skills at home?

    – Hold the ball close. That way you will ensure more control over it and change its position much easier. – Keep your body and movements in balance. You must keep your body well positioned, with knees slightly bent, head and chest over the ball. – Hold your head up. This is maybe the most common mistake players make. – Get creative.