How do I test my Philips HeartStart defibrillator?

How do I test my Philips HeartStart defibrillator?

1. Check the status indicator on your AED to make sure that it is blinking green. The status indicator can be found above the green power button on your AED. As long as the status indicator is blinking green then the AED has passed its self-test and is ready for use.

What does green light on AED mean?

A green flashing light, green check-mark, or OK symbol indicates that your AED has passed all of its tests and is ready for use. A negative indicator is denoted by a red flashing light, a red X, or some other symbol denoting trouble with your AED, often accompanied by an intermittent chirping sound.

How do I turn off Philips HeartStart AED?

After care is transferred to EMS, turn off the HeartStart: press and hold down the green On/Off button until it turns off (about one second). NOTE: The HeartStart pads should be taken off before another defibrillator is used.

Why is my Philips AED beeping?

Expired AED Battery Although Philips AEDs will do self-checks daily, weekly, and monthly, the batteries will eventually expire. It is when this is about to happen that you will find your AED is chirping. Philips AEDs have a shelf life of 5 years, after that you will need to purchase a replacement.

How do you stop a defibrillator from beeping?

How to Prevent Your AED From Beeping

  1. Keep track of your expiration dates and replace parts as needed.
  2. Keep your AED in a dry, temperature-controlled location.
  3. Keep your pads connected to your device.
  4. Install all new software updates as they become available.

What makes a pacemaker beep?

The beeping tone lets you know that something needs attention from your doctor. For example, the device can make a beeping tone when the number of therapies you have received has increased or when the battery power of your heart device is low.

What does it mean if my defibrillator beeps?

My Defibrillator is Beeping When a defibrillator beeps, it requires attention as one of the device’s components has caused the device to fail its standard self-test. Refer to your defibrillator’s manual and perform a manual test; this informs you of expired accessories or whether there’s a specific error code.

Does a pacemaker beep when the battery is low?

In addition, the pacemaker may be programmed to beep when the battery is low. Your doctor will demonstrate this beep for you.

Why is my Philips HeartStart defibrillator beeping?

Don’t worry, it’s actually a good thing. Most AEDs run daily self-tests to ensure that, in the event of an emergency, they are ready to save lives. The beeping is just a gentle reminder to make sure your investment in safety is ready to work when you really need it.

Can you hear a pacemaker beep?

The beeping tone will sound for approximately 10 seconds and will repeat periodically. Some alerts sound at the same time every day. The alerts will continue until your heart device is checked by your doctor or nurse. Do not be alarmed by the beeping.