How do I track my order on RevZilla?

How do I track my order on RevZilla?

To track your order, please enter your order information below. Order numbers can be found in your Order Confirmation Email. If anything is unclear, give us a shout at 877-792-9455 or shoot us a message.

How quickly does RevZilla ship?

one to five business days
Delivery typically in one to five business days after shipment.

Where does RevZilla ship out of?

A) currently ships from warehouses in Philadelphia, Louisville, and Las Vegas and in some cases will ship items direct to you from a vendor. Orders are typically processed same day, and each item will show the expected time to process and ship out.

Is Cycle Gear and RevZilla the same company?

No. Both companies will operate independently as two distinct brands with their own leadership.

Where is RevZilla based?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, also known as RevZilla, is an online motorcycle-gear retailer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company sells motorcycle gear, parts and accessories, and was founded in 2007.

Is RevZilla open?

Monday through Friday, 9am-10pm ET. Saturday, 10am-6pm ET.

Does Anthony own RevZilla?

Anthony Bucci is the Co-Founder and CEO of RevZilla, a leading e-commerce company specializing in motorsports and motorcycle accessories. In this episode, he shares with us his fascinating and inspiring journey from enthusiast to immensely successful business leader and brand builder.

Is RevZilla still in business?

COVID-19 update: RevZilla still operating, more motorcycle production disrupted.

Who owns RevZilla now?

Comoto Holdings, Inc.RevZilla / Parent organization
RevZilla’s parent company, Comoto Holdings, has acquired J&P Cycles, the industry’s largest omni-channel retailer of aftermarket products for riders of American-made V-twins.

Is RevZilla owned by Cycle Gear?

Did Cycle Gear acquire RevZilla? No. The RevZilla founders and J.W. Childs formed a new holding company (COMOTO) to collectively own both businesses as sister companies, operating separately.