How do I update my Land Rover infotainment?

How do I update my Land Rover infotainment?

You can access the update through your vehicle’s Touchscreen by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘All Settings’ > ‘Software update’ > ‘Check for update’. If an update is available, a pop-up will appear giving you the option to download/install the update.

Are Landrover map updates free?

InControl Touch Map Updater is a free-of-charge software that allows you to download, purchase, and install map updates to your navigation SD card.

Why is my Land Rover app not updating?

Please ensure the app and device are up to date (latest iOS, Android and software up to date from app stores), take the vehicle for a drive at least 1 mile, perform a B-call press (press and hold Land Rover/Jaguar Assist button for 10-15 seconds) ensure vehicle is parked in an area of good network coverage, delete the …

What went wrong Discovery 3?

The LR3 was hailed as a major step forward in reliability, but there are one or two issues to be aware of. Fuel injectors clog and need regular cleaning, the steering tie-rod arms wear and can show play at around 60,000 or 80,000 km, and the front lower control arms bushings wear, ultimately requiring replacement.

What year Range Rover has CarPlay?

New Land Rover SUVs With Apple CarPlay The following Land Rover models have Apple CarPlay: Land Rover Discovery Sport: 2019 – Current. Land Rover Discovery: 2019 – Current. Range Rover Evoque: 2019 – Current.

How do I update my sat nav SD card?

Download all of the files for the new version and save them together in a new folder (e.g. “Map Update”) on your computer. Slide the switch on the SD card into the “Unlock” position and insert the SD card into your computer’s SD card slot or external card reader. Delete all data on the SD card or reformat the card.

How do I upgrade my Land Rover to the latest software?

Older Land Rover vehicles qualify for a free upgrade. Press the ‘Settings’ icon on your Touchscreen and enter ‘All Settings’. Continue to the ‘Connectivity’ menu and turn your mobile data to ‘On’, OR activate your vehicle’s Wi-Fi. Go back to ‘All Settings’ and select ‘Software update’.

What happens if my Land Rover a failed to download?

A failed download will not affect your vehicle’s functionality in any way. Please contact the Land Rover Customer Relationship Centre or your Land Rover Retailer and they will investigate further. I skipped the update but I now want to install it.

How far in advance can I schedule a Land Rover update?

Your Land Rover will notify you when this type of update is required. If the update requires a vehicle shutdown, you can schedule it for a time that is convenient for you. Updates can be scheduled up to two weeks in advance.

How do I update my vehicle’s software?

A quick, convenient way to ensure your vehicle software remains up to date without the need to visit a Retailer. Updates are now available over Wi-Fi, or by using your vehicle’s SIM card.