How do you comment on a peer review?

How do you comment on a peer review?

We’ve rounded up 4 pieces of advice from scholars around the web to help you produce more helpful peer review comments.Avoid decision fatigue. How many decisions have you made on an average day by 11AM? List the positives and then the negatives. Give concrete examples and advice. Don’t be afraid to seek support.

What makes a well written review?

Good reviews should be well-written. It’s important that they can be easily made sense of by other consumers, and proper spelling and grammar will help ensure this. To make sure yours is as accurate as digestible as possible, avoid using abbreviations or slang in your content. Text speak should also be avoided.

How do you give good feedback examples?

Reinforcing employee feedback examples“Something I really appreciate about you is….” “I think you did a great job when you… “I would love to see you do more of X as it relates to Y” “I really think you have a superpower around X” “One of the things I admire about you is…” “I can see you’re having a positive impact in…”

What are some examples of feedback?

Examples of employee feedbackExpress appreciation for employee performance. Note an employee’s good qualities. Let employees know when they’re setting a great example. Call out actions you would like to see become habits. Support employees when difficulties arise, and congratulate them when they persevere.