How do you detonate sticky bombs GTA 5 Xbox 360?

How do you detonate sticky bombs GTA 5 Xbox 360?

Once you’re ready for the bomb to go off, tap left on the D-pad on both PlayStation and Xbox and the “G” key on PC. This will detonate the sticky bomb and destroy everything around it.

How do u use sticky bombs in GTA 5?

PlayStation – Once players have the sticky bomb equipped in their inventory, they’ll need to walk up to their target and press “R2” to place it. After that, run for some cover at a safe distance and press left on the D-Pad. This will successfully detonate the bomb.

What button blows up sticky bomb GTA?

Players need to throw or place the C4 at the desired site and move away from the area of impact. Pressing the « G » key on the keyboard will detonate the bomb. « G » is the default control to throw or detonate bombs in GTA 5.

How do you detonate the C4 in GTA 5?

To detonate C4 in GTA 5, you need to have a detonator in your inventory. Then, walk up to the C4 and press the fire button to detonate it.

How do you detonate the C4 in GTA 5 Xbox one?

Best Answer:

  1. To detonate C4 in GTA 5 on Xbox, press and hold the right trigger button to arm the explosive.
  2. Then press the button again to detonate.

How do you detonate sticky bombs GTA 5 PS4?

GTA 5’s Sticky Bombs can be detonated by pressing the Square button on PS4 controllers. They are explosive devices that stick to surfaces, and can be used to take out vehicles or enemies. They are a great weapon for taking out large groups of enemies, or vehicles in a hurry.

How do you detonate a sticky bomb in GTA 5 PS4?

Use the R2 button on your controller to place the explosive at the desired location. After placing it securely, run away from it. When you are sure that the explosion cannot harm you, just press LEFT on your controller. The light on the bomb turns red and the bomb explodes.

How do I detonate the C4 in GTA 5?