How do you fuse Koga Saburo SMT 4?

How do you fuse Koga Saburo SMT 4?

Koga Saburo expresses gratitude to them for liberating him upon defeat, and asks that they protect the country. To unlock him for fusion, Flynn must examine the stone that is his defeated remains with the key item, “Ryoja’s Scales,” in his possession.

How do I get Koga Saburo?

Off Koga Saburo is a quick demon slaying quest that starts immediately after Onward to Shibuya. Directly behind the man that gave you the quest is the demon that must be defeated. You may wish to save your game before challenging the demon. Enter the door at the North West part of Dogenzaka to find Koga Saburo.

Can you fuse demons in SMT?

SMT V allows you to recruit demons into your party. They’ll level up alongside you, and you can even teach them new Abilities. You can also take two (or more) of your demons and merge them into something new through a process called Demon Fusion.

How do you fuse the Minotaur in SMT IV?

Minotaur can be fused via a special fusion of Stonka, Night Stalker and Orias once Flynn can control level 33 demons. Minotaur can teach Flynn the Oni-Kagura and Charge skills through his Demon Whisper.

How do I get to Roppongi Smtiv?

Onward to Roppongi is a short quest that starts immediately after Off Koga Saburo. All you need to do is go to the Hills Building in Roppongi. Exit out to the Roppongi Region map and head East to the first big building. Inside the Hills Building is Tayama.

How do you get to Tokyo Station smt4?

This region can be accessed through the Tokyo Station. To get there, take a terminal to Kasumigaseki, exit out to the Chiyoda Region map, and head a short distance North. Tokyo Station will be on the East side of the road.

Can Tao SMT V fuse?

While she travels with the protagonist, she will occupy a slot in his roster, and cannot be fused off or dismissed (but can be customized with Essence Fusion, Sutras, and Incense). Tao also does not have an Essence unlike the other playable demons.

Can you fuse Nuwa SMT V?

As mentioned previously, Nuwa can only be acquired during New Game+ of Shin Megami Tensei 5, and she is a part of the special fusion process in the game. To make a base level 80 Nuwa, players will be required to fuse Huang Long, Arahabaki, and Quetzalcoatl.