How do you identify opposing views in an argument?

How do you identify opposing views in an argument?

Three ways of recognizing opposing views in an argument are through acknowledgement, accommodation, and refutation. Through acknowledgement, one simply admits that an opposing view exists. Rather than taking our own perspective as the sole imaginable, we at least acknowledge that others exist.

What is the purpose of an argumentative essay?

The argumentative essay is a specific type of writing in which a student chooses a topic (often a controversial topic), researches it extensively, and then uses the evidence gathered in their research process to establish their opinion or position on the topic in an essay designed to persuade others to share that …

What is the primary purpose of an argumentative thesis?

What is the main purpose of an argument essay? To persuade its audience or readers. Explain one way to brainstorm some ideas before you write your essay.

What is one of the major characteristics of an argumentative thesis?

An argumentative thesis must be focused and narrow. A focused, narrow claim is clearer, more able to be supported with evidence, and more persuasive than a broad, general claim.