How do you invite someone to an investigation meeting?

How do you invite someone to an investigation meeting?

I am inviting you to attend a meeting on [date and time of investigation meeting] at [location of the meeting] to discuss this matter further with you and obtain your account of the event in question. During the meeting, I will also have [name of person taking note] present to take notes.

Do you have to invite an employee to an investigation meeting?

It is advisable to invite the employee to attend an investigation meeting. Employees involved in the investigation should be asked not to discuss the allegations.

What is an investigation letter?

The Accused Employee Notify the accused in writing before the investigation begins. The letter of investigation should explain the allegations in as much detail as possible, including names, dates and circumstances.

How do you tell an employee they are being investigated?

Identify any relevant documents and/or witnesses for review. Make sure to keep all details and records of the investigation secure. This documentation will be relevant for any subsequent actions management takes. Inform the employee who is being investigated about it.

How do you conduct an investigatory meeting?

To ensure that investigation meetings are conducted fairly, professionally and impartially, you should:

  1. Not fold your arms, as this can appear intimidating.
  2. Give an appropriate amount of eye contact.
  3. Be calm and face the interviewee in a relaxed body posture.

Do you have to give notice of an investigatory meeting?

They should be notified in writing, in advance of any procedural steps being carried out and should include the name of a contact to seek extra information from. Before holding any investigatory meetings, the employee should receive advance written notice of this meeting.

How do you prepare for an investigation meeting?

  1. Give yourself enough time to prepare. You are entitled to ask to reschedule your disciplinary meeting.
  2. Bring backup with you. Your employer must allow you to bring a work colleague or a trade union rep with you to your disciplinary hearing.
  3. Outline your argument.
  4. Bring your own evidence.
  5. Exercise your right to appeal.

What is an investigatory meeting at work?

The purpose of an investigatory meeting is to establish facts. Where an employer holds an investigatory meeting with an employee suspected of misconduct, this should not, of itself, result in any disciplinary action.

What happens at an investigatory meeting?