How do you present an opposing viewpoint?

How do you present an opposing viewpoint?

Here are some examples of neutral verbs you can use to introduce another author’s opposing view: contends, argues, suggests, admits, claims, believes. There are many valid ways to introduce an opposing view, but do try to present it in a neutral manner before you shoot it down.

What is the verb for concession?

concede. To yield or suffer; to surrender; to grant. To grant, as a right or privilege; to make concession of. To admit to be true; to acknowledge.

What is mean concession?

noun. the act of conceding or yielding, as a right, a privilege, or a point or fact in an argument: He made no concession to caution. a space or privilege within certain premises for a subsidiary business or service: the refreshment concession at a movie theater.

Is student a concession?

If you’re a student in Victoria you’re entitled to discounts and concessions on a range of things including public transport, event tickets and health care.

How do I get a student concession card?

How to applyCheck the eligibility requirements.Give your tertiary institution consent to share your details with Transport for NSW.Apply on the Transport Concession Entitlement Card website.Select the entitlement type and enter your student ID number and your institution’s name (if applicable).

What is a concession card for students?

Proof of Age card These are used as proof of eligibility for concession/child fares when a student under 16 years of age looks older. This concession card applies to full time NSW/ACT secondary school students who are aged 16 years and older. It is also valid for mature secondary students aged 19 years and older.

Who is eligible for a concession card?

To qualify for the NSW Seniors Card you must be a permanent resident of the state, aged 60 or over and working no more than 20 hours a week. At the moment there are more than 1.4 million members of the NSW Seniors Card scheme, and over 3,500 businesses participating.

Is a health care card the same as a concession card?

Types of concession cards The concession cards that are issued by the Commonwealth Government include: the Pensioner Concession Card (for all pensioners and certain social security allowance recipients under specific conditions); the Health Care Card (generally for social security allowees and low paid workers); and.

Is health care card number same as CRN?

The Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN) is provided on ‘Health Care Cards’ and ‘Pensioner Concession Cards’. When a person accesses health services on the basis of being a Centrelink customer, collection of the CRN is usually necessary.