How do you present negative results?

How do you present negative results?

Explain everything you did, including what you were hoping to find. Then discuss what actually happened, and how future researchers might want to follow up on your findings. I would not say that it is a bad outcome, although I understand that you may be disappointed by the results.

What is a negative result in an experiment?

Negative results are results that do not support the hypothesis and nullify the aim of the research. Negative results or null results as they are sometimes called, are also important and they contribute to our knowledge of the topic as much as positive results do.

How do you determine if a difference is statistically significant?

Statistical SignificanceUsually, statistical significance is determined by calculating the probability of error (p value) by the t ratio.The difference between two groups (such as an experiment vs. control group) is judged to be statistically significant when p = 0.05 or less.

Which comes first analysis or interpretation?

In order for patterns and trends to be seen, data must be analyzed and interpreted first. The analyzed and interpreted data may then be used as evidence in scientific arguments, to support a hypothesis or a theory.