How do you pronounce Je vais bien et toi?

How do you pronounce Je vais bien et toi?

exp. je vais bien, merci ! exp. I’m fine, thank you!…vais.

Je vais bien, et toi tu sembles avoir grandi. And you look much more grownup.
Je vais bien, et toi Bullet? I’m good, how are you, Bullit?

How is bien pronounced?

In French, the word bien is pronounced /bjɛ̃/….How to pronounce “Bien”?

  1. /b/ sound: Your lips are closed and placed against one another.
  2. /j/ sound: The tongue is slightly more forward.
  3. /ɛ̃/ sound: The mouth is slightly open and stretched horizontally, the tip of the tongue touches the front lower teeth.

How do you pronounce Ca Va Bien Aller?

The expression ça va (pronounced “sah vah”) is one of the most common phrases in French….Variations of Ça Va.

French English Translation
Ça va aller It will be OK.
Ça va bien? Is it going well? Are you doing well?
Ça va bien It’s going well. I’m doing well.

Is it Comment ca va or ca va?

Comment ça va? They mean the same thing. They can all be used in casual conversations, but if you’re talking to your boss or something “comment ça va?” is a little better (“Comment allez vous?” if you have to be very formal). When you’re answering, you can say “Ça va.”, but not the others.

What is Je vais bien et vous?

i’m well and you.

Is the N silent in Bien?

(The “n” is silent in both cases – excepts with la liaison.) Both words use French “nasal vowels” in their pronunciation. Practice your French pronunciation here !

How do you say ca va bien merci et toi in French?

The correct phrase would be “ça va bien, et toi?” It’s pronounced “sa va bi-an ai to-a?” , I live in France so ‘je me débrouille pas mal. ‘…

  1. OK ça va,
  2. je vais bien merci,
  3. ça roule,et toi (vous)? ( familiar)
  4. super et toi? ( familiar)
  5. c’est la forme, merci,et toi?