How do you use a Luxi light meter?

How do you use a Luxi light meter?

How To Use It. Simply clip Luxi For All atop the front camera of your iOS or Android device, fire up a Luxi-aware light-metering app, and start taking incident readings (actually, any light-metering app will work, as long as you can fit Luxi over the camera it uses.

Can you calibrate a lux meter?

There are 2 important factors when calibrating a light (lux) meter, firstly is the illuminance responsiveness which measures how accurately the meter responds to the illuminance level, secondly is the spectral responsiveness, which measures how accurately the colour response matches the human eye.

Is my light meter accurate?

A light meter may be “inaccurate” by one or more stops and yet be perfectly good enough to create an operable exposure regime for a specific camera. It would only start to go wrong if you attempted to apply the same exposure regime to the camera using a different (maybe accurate) light meter.

How do I check my illumination level?

How to Measure Light Intensity Using a Light Meter

  1. Measure Ambient Light In the Room. To begin, turn off any lighting in the room you’re about to measure.
  2. Turn On the Lights, Take Your Measurement.
  3. Note Your Differential Reading.
  4. Check Other Areas of a Room.

How much lux do plants need?

2,000 – 4,000 LUX: This light intensity is about 40% of midday sun as well as direct light coming through windows. This is considered bright light. It is ideal for many plants that require good and consistent light intensity. 4,000 – 5,000 LUX: This light intensity is about 50% of midday sun.

Do light meters need to be calibrated?

Calibrating your light meter is necessary, as the accuracy of the measurements drop over time and can eventually lead to an out-of-tolerance condition.

What is lux calibration?

LIGHT CALIBRATION A light lux meter measures the intensity with which brightness appears to the human eye, making it an extremely valuable device for the photography, film and television industries. But it’s also an important tool for OH&S compliance.