How do you use Bioag Ful-Power?

How do you use Bioag Ful-Power?

Seed germination: – Vegetables: Soak the seeds for at least 72 hours in a solution of 7 ml Ful-Power per liter of water. – Other seeds: Soak in a solution of 10 ml Ful-Power per liter of water for at least 24 hours. Root dips: 10 ml Ful-Power per 1 L water – use only once.

Is Ful-Power organic?

Ful-Power is an ancient form of decayed organic matter that helps plants use nutrients and minerals more efficiently while also detoxifying the plant and soil.

How do you use full power nutrients?


  1. Seed activation: For vegetable seeds, soak in 7 ml Ful-Power per litre (1:150 dilution rate) for 72 hours.
  2. Soil and Container plants: 5-10 ml per litre (1:200 & 1:100 dilution)
  3. Hydroponics: 2.5-10 ml per litre.
  4. Foliar feeding: 5 ml per litre (1:200 dilution).

What does fulvic acid do for plants?

Iron and magnesium ions are indispensable for photosynthesis, and fulvic acid promotes the function of transporting those ions in the soil into plant cells by a chelating effect, thereby leading to activation of photosynthesis. the elution of the fertilizer component into the soil.

What is in humic acid?

Elemental analysis of humic acid has shown it to consist largely of carbon and oxygen (about 50% and 40% respectively). It also contains hydrogen (about 5%), nitrogen (about 3%), phosphorous and sulfur (both less than 1%). Humic acid is a complex of closely related macromolecules.

What is Ful-Power humic acid?

Ful-Power Humic Acid is a premium fulvic product that is compatible in all systems and all pH levels. Ideal for foliar sprays, plant clones and cuttings, bare-root dip, and seed activation. Also great in hydroponic applications and for biological stimulation.

Is fulvic acid better than humic acid?

While humic acid naturally improves soil health and growth, fulvic acid will help your plants take up nutrients more effectively. This can help save you money and time because you can reduce the amount of nutrients that you supply to your plants. Because they uptake more effectively, the concentration can be lowered.

Is fulvic acid acidic or alkaline?

Fulvic and humic acids are naturally acidic. The PH of FMC is around 2.2. A fulvic mineral product that exceeds 3.0 likely contains alkalized or ionized water which can neutralize the fulvic acids, which may greatly reduce the health benefits of fulvic acid.

Can I use humic acid with fertilizer?

It helps break down fertilizers, makes your grass grow better roots, and helps soils retain moisture, all while helping to heal from the effects of salt and unbalanced soil pH. To get the most benefit, apply humic acid just after you’ve spread fertilizer in spring and fall.