How do you use the subway pass in Tokyo?

How do you use the subway pass in Tokyo?

The Pasmo card can be bought at Tokyo Metro IC ticket vending machines, Tokyo Metro stations and Tokyo Metro Pass Offices. The Pasmo can be used in many station kiosks, vending machines and regular convenience stores to purchase goods.

Is Tokyo subway pass worth it?

In conclusion, you should buy Tokyo Subway 24-hour day pass Ticket (JPY800) with that itinerary. Even though it costs less than JPY800 to move by subway a day, I recommend to get the ticket since it’s much hassle to purchase train tickets every time.

How much is a Metro pass in Tokyo?

600 yen
Tokyo Metro fares range from 170 to 320 yen depending on how far you travel. A one day pass for unlimited use of Tokyo Metro on one calendar day is available for 600 yen.

How do you pay for Metro in Tokyo?

Tickets are sold at ticket vending machines found at every Tokyo Metro station. Tickets are available in denominations of 170 yen, 200 yen, 250 yen, 290 yen, and 320 yen. Select the fare based on the distance you will travel. Fares depend on the distance you will travel.

Is Tokyo Metro 24 hours?

The Tokyo Metro 24-Hour All-You-Can Ride Ticket.

What is the best way to get around in Tokyo?

Subways and trains are the best way to get around Tokyo. A prepaid Suica or Pasmo card is the BEST way to pay for transport. You can buy a Suica card online at for pickup at the airport. Taxis are excellent but rather expensive.

What is the difference between Tokyo Metro and Toei subway?

Regular subway tickets Keep in mind that Tokyo Metro and Toei are separate companies so you will separate tickets for both. Tokyo Metro tickets cost from 170 to 320 yen depending on how far you travel. Toei fares are a little more expensive, ranging from 180 to 430 yen.

Is Tokyo Metro covered by JR pass?

While the metro lines do no accept the JR Pass, other IC Cards, such as the Pasmo and Suica, may be used. These cards give you access to almost any train or bus in Tokyo.

Should I get a Suica card?

As the Japan Rail Pass only works on JR lines, having a Suica is highly recommended when using other railways. The Suica can also be used to make purchases at station kiosks, convenience stores, and vending machines. The Suica card can be charged at any train station and even at convenience stores.

How do I get a Tokunai pass?

Purchase Locations. You can purchase this pass at Reserved Seat Ticket Vending Machines at major JR East stations, JR Ticket Offices (Midori-no-Madoguchi), and JR EAST Travel Service Centers at major JR East stations within the designated area. However, passes are not available at some stations.

Can I use Japan Rail Pass for Tokyo Metro?

Tokyo Metro / Toei Subway is not JR (formerly Japan National Railway, divided and privatised in 1980s), so JR Pass cannot be used on those trains.

What is the last train or Metro in Tokyo?

Tokyo Metro. There is no late-night service on Tokyo Metro lines this year. Ginza line. Last trains on Dec 31: Shibuya-Asakusa 11.56pm Asakusa-Shibuya 11.55pm. First trains on Jan 1: Shibuya

How to ride the Tokyo Metro?

Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway operate the subways in Tokyo. At the entrance to each station, you will see the subway sign and the name of the subway station. Be sure to remember the station name, number and line color (circular colored outline) of the subway line you want to ride.

Is there a subway in Tokyo?

Within Tokyo there is a three-tier system of public transportation. Various bus systems are connected with rail companies and are quite good I’m told, but I rarely use them. The second tier is a dense network of train lines which comprise what I would call a subway, since within Tokyo, they are below ground level.